Tectum Developers Corner – October 4-11 Update - Tectum Blockchain Tectum Developers Corner – October 4-11 Update - Tectum Blockchain

Tectum Developers Corner – October 4-11 Update

Sequel to the prior edition, Tectum is unveiling new upgrades in the Developers Corner October Update for members of our esteemed community. This ensures that everyone knows what we have done and are working towards accomplishing.

Before going into the details, we want to reassure users that their feedback is the framework for these updates. In this regard, they should continue to share their experience and highlight areas that require improvement,

That said, these are the modifications coming to our ecosystem:

More User-Friendly Wallet

To ensure that people enjoy a more user-friendly wallet, Tectum is introducing security and personalization features. One of them is the addition of Google Authenticator for better security. Before this modification, email was the secondary means of authorizing account access after entering the login details.

However, several individuals requested that we introduce Google Authentication to ensure better security. Hence, this is why we are adding this new feature. Besides the authenticator, Tectum is also adding other multi-sig functions and enabling efficient password change for safer access.

We earlier received complaints of an error with certain stages of the passport burn process. More so, we have finalized the menus in the passport as well as the wallet. The devs are also

In addition, people can now edit their profiles much better than before. They have more freedom to change various details in their account. Our developers have also upgraded the Support Form to enable people to get a faster response from the team. Speaking of responses, we now have an active ticket resolution Tech Support System.

SoftNote Passport Updates

We are working towards merging Passport.softnote.com with the Tectum Wallet. This will enable people to manage all their assets in one place. Before the merger, our developers will update the Tectum Wallet Design and implement a simpler interface the average individual can use. Tectum is also adding metrics to wallet.softnote.com to enable merchants to easily track their transactions.

To further strengthen the digital safety of users, Tectum is improving the production server security. The company understands the vulnerabilities and is taking proactive measures to stay ahead of the curve.

Last month, we mentioned plans to integrate the T12 Protocol into MetaMask. The process of achieving this feat is well underway, as MetaMask is currently testing our network. Once we finalize arrangements, we will put out an announcement confirming that users of this noncustodial wallet can send while paying zero gas fees.

Some people had challenges with minting SoftNote and adding liquidity to the bills. The developers have identified the issue and are working towards resolving it. Everyone should be able to mint and fill up SoftNote Bills more seamlessly in the coming days. Tectum is introducing parsers to make Etherscan more efficient.

Migration and Other Updates in the Tectum Developers Corner – October Update

We have updated the migration request process. This means that people will be able to transfer their liquidity between blockchains far more easily than before.

Tectum has also updated the API document to enable Centralized Exchanges to integrate SoftNote into their system. This would enable people to send and receive tokens for free. Besides exchanges, we are improving the API documentation to enable other organizations to integrate SoftNote into their systems as well.

We have also done significant work to improve the elements responsible for the OKX Wallet.

We have also finalized the following mechanisms:

  • Modal window Import
  • Request to pay
  • Handover
  • Migrate
  • Burn
  • Send
  • Deposit
  • Add Tax Rate
  • Add Terminal

The developers are editing and correcting certain pages of the softnote.com domain. Once the adjustments are done, we will push the updates live. In addition, we will also edit the explorer.tectum.io page to ensure a better user experience.

Meanwhile, the team is working towards fixing the airdrop. Community members will be able to benefit from this system once Tectum develops a more efficient way to reward our members.