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Tectum Developers Corner – October Update

Tectum is bringing various levels of its progress to the notice of our community in the Developers Corner October Update. As the month comes to an end, the team is keeping users up to date with changes and possible products that may be launching in the coming weeks.

In this edition of our developer series, the focus is our plans for the SoftNote Cash project. This is another initiative that will improve the scalability of Tectum SoftNote Bills and enable people to spend them like paper fiat.

Below are the projects we are working on in October:

The SoftNote Cash Project

At the moment, there is significant “under the hood” development regarding the SoftNote Cash project. First, the team is designing the interface for this innovation to make it very appealing to the average person. This is a first-of-its-kind technology, and we want to ensure that people want to hold and use it.

Meanwhile, the design update goes beyond its interface. The configuration will be designed to be very efficient for every form of everyday use. Part of the considerations for this development is durability as it changes hand between people daily.

Other Updates in the Tectum Developers Corner October Update

Besides the SoftNote cash projects, Tectum is implementing new functions on Metamask. In no time, users will be able to transfer their digital wallets privately with the T12 protocol in the popular noncustodial wallet. After the process is complete, we will issue an announcement detailing the new functions.

In the meantime, we are setting up the server that will host Tectum Labs. Several budding and established crypto firms are realizing the benefit of integrating their projects into the fastest blockchain. Considering this factor, tectum is working to create a seamless avenue for our partners to scale their products and services.

In our bid to ensure a more secure and private network, Tectum constantly runs routine checks to evaluate our blockchain. Recently, our testing department discovered some minor vulnerabilities. Although they do not have any significant implications, we are tightening security by adding another layer of protection.

In addition, users are able to contribute towards the security of the Tectum blockchain. As a community-driven project, we want every member to play an important part. Therefore, we are working with the feedback and feedback everyone provided during our Bug Bounty campaign. Everyone’s contribution will be considered and implemented as much as possible.

As part of the Tectum Developers Corner October Update, we are adding Mandarin to the SoftNote Wallet. Anyone who understands the Mandarin Language will be able to manage their tokens and transfer their digital assets via our private network with ease.