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About Tectum

Who we are

Tectum was developed by Crispmind, a Chicago-based software development firm with decades of combined experience and a focus on quality, cost-effectiveness, and customer ease of use.

We leverage the expertise of a top-notch team of international developers who have created breakthrough software platforms for secure messaging, user-authentication, blockchain and distributed ledgers, cryptocurrency, and much more.

Our solutions have found applications with a number of key clients ranging from government organizations to individual customers, and we pride ourselves on providing all of our clients with the highest levels of quality, reliability & cost-effectiveness.

Innovation drives achievement, and at Crispmind we’re committed to producing unique solutions to today’s most complex problems.

Other Achievements

We developed X-Factor Authentication for a Regional Bank in RF back in 2015 using Dual-tone Dial Authentication. The product has matured into a quantum-proof protocol utilizing a hybrid human-machine security algorithm.

Our SquareShare cryptocurrency was developed for the government of Georgia in the Russian Federation, and is planned for use in the upcoming SmartCity Kobuleti tech-park being developed in conjunction with the Prime Minister of the Adjara republic.

Grig Messenger is a robust, high-security messaging, translation & payments app we designed using our APSaaS platform model.

For the government of Dubai, we developed PalmChain, a Sharia-compliant blockchain trading platform.

Crispmind holds over 50 patents, know-how’s, proprietary software registrations and other forms of intellectual property for a wide array of emerging technologies focused on information security, distributed ledger protocol, online messaging, and cryptocurrency.

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You can follow Tectum on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and many other popular social media channels. We strive to keep our rapidly growing online following updated on our latest developments across the wide variety of channels available online.

Along with updates on our work, you can also contact us through Facebook Messenger and on other channels to inquire about product updates & partner opportunities. We respond quickly to all requests and we’re happy to share with you our latest developments.

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