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Protect your account with our exclusive X-factor authentication technology.

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Quantum-Proof Authentication

Phones can be hacked, SIM cards can be duplicated, and today’s Two-Factor Authentication solutions can be compromised. That’s why we’ve developed a revolutionary new X-Factor Authentication application, which provides a flexible, scalable, and completely secure solution for user authentication.

XFA is a mobile & desktop authentication platform that provides payment processors and service providers with impenetrable user security. It works by intermingling human & machine logic to create quantum-proof login encryption and protects against SMS & QR-code hacking while offering Dual Tone Multi-frequency (DTMF) fallback protection for lost or legacy devices.

Why XFA?

In today’s world, cybercriminals utilize sophisticated schemes to steal other people’s money, documents, and valuable data – which is increasingly stored remotely in the cloud. That’s why XFA utilizes on-device encryption powered by a secure tunnel protocol, which ensures that your encrypted PIN is never stored openly and cannot be accessed even if a server is compromised.

Next Generation Authenticator

XFA Authentication was designed from the ground up to be a next-generation authentication standard for an increasingly dangerous world.

When your critical banking, currency & financial records are stored online, passwords simply aren’t enough – and existing two-factor authentication is still risky. We created XFA™ to ensure that no matter where you’re logged in, you’re doing it privately & securely.

Our solution avoids the inherent risks in two-factor authentication and even biometric authentication solutions to protect you where and when you need it the most. It also makes your accounts immune from device loss or theft.

Comparison of User
Authentication Methods




SYK — Something You Know



SYH — Something You Have, a device to access internet (computer or phone, 2FA app)



SYA — Something You Are, biometric recognition of face, fingerprint, eye scan, etc.


User Input

SYD — Something You Do, physical action (signing your name or making squiggle via a random pixel generation algorithm)

XFA™ Authentication web-access

You can access our new innovative SoftNote Wallet using XFA™ authentication by clicking the button below. The SoftNote Wallet is currently capable of handling Bitcoin transfers only and is currently in advanced beta testing. Contact us to learn more about this remarkable new technology!

Visit the XFA website