Tired of long delays and expensive transaction fees with Bitcoin? The Tectum Wallet allows you to instantly transfer and convert Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at a small fraction of the cost of conventional networks. This makes it an optimal solution for currency transfers as well as for online retail sales applications.

The lightning-fast decentralized ledger platform that Tectum is built on includes an instant multi-chain settlement framework to overcome the high transactional fees involved with traditional cryptocurrency transaction settlement.

Other solutions to speed up cryptocurrency transactions include the Bitcoin Lightning Network and Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) liquidity smart contracts; in contrast, Tectum is way faster and less vulnerable than the Lightning Network, it maintains a native BTC environment that remains fully integrated with Bitcoin Main Network, giving it an advantage over wBTC.

The Tectum Wallet provides truly instant, low-cost, and highly secure payment service while avoiding the use of unnecessary derivative settlement stores of value and supplementary liquidity contracts – built on the rock-solid foundation of the Tectum blockchain.

This next-generation technology is positioned to disrupt the digital currency environment by lowering costs & improving transaction speed for people & businesses worldwide.

Tectum Wallet Web-Access

Get a close-up look at the Tectum Wallet now! You can access the Tectum Wallet by clicking the button below. It is currently capable of handling Bitcoin transfers already and the list is rapidly expanding. Contact us to learn more about this remarkable new instant, low-cost and highly secure payment service!

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  • Instant transfers limited only by Internet bandwidth.
  • Transactions are posted instantly excluding the possibility of overspending or double spending.
  • Inexpensive transfer costs between 1% and 10% of the native currency cost – under 2% for Bitcoin Network.
  • 100% guaranteed settlement with native networks instantly confirmed by miners.
  • Easy integration with fiat (conventional) currency platforms.
  • Low cost of operation, allowing a single database to easily service over a million users.
  • Huge potential profitability for software partners resulting from lower transaction fees.
  • Fully tested technology solution developed by a trusted blockchain development firm.
  • Robust & maturity underlying technology framework.
  • Proprietary and copyrighted intellectual property.