Tectum Wallet - Tectum Blockchain

SoftNote Wallet

Instant Bitcoin & cryptocurrency transactions without expensive fees.

Avoid Transaction fees

Tired of long delays and expensive transaction fees with Bitcoin? The Tectum Wallet allows you to instantly transfer and convert BTC and other cryptocurrencies at a small fraction of the cost of conventional networks. This makes it an optimal solution for currency transfers as well as for online retail sales applications.

The lightning-fast decentralized ledger platform that Tectum is built on includes an instant multi-chain settlement framework to overcome the high transactional fees involved with traditional cryptocurrency transaction settlement. In addition, it maintains a native BTC environment that remains fully integrated with the Bitcoin Main Network, giving it additional advantages over wBTC.

The Tectum Wallet and the SoftNote platform ecosystem provide truly instant, low-cost, and highly secure payment services. This system avoids the use of unnecessary derivative settlement stores of value and supplementary liquidity contracts – built on the rock-solid foundation of the Tectum blockchain.

This next-generation technology is positioned to disrupt the digital currency environment by lowering costs & improving transaction speed for people & businesses worldwide.

SoftNote Wallet web-access

Want to get an inside view of Tectum, the world’s fastest blockchain? Start by viewing real-time transactions in the Tectum Blockchain using our web-based blockchain explorer. This tool allows you to easily search for a specific blockchain transaction, or you can view all recent transactions.

Key advantages of Tectum Wallet

Optimised for efficiency

Tectum's Overlay Network feature streamlines transfers of assets like Bitcoin and Tron within its wallet, optimizing for efficiency and lower fees. This integration enhances user experience and cost-effectiveness when managing different blockchain assets within the Tectum ecosystem.

Minimum fees

Transfers of Bitcoin into, and out of your Tectum wallet are processed for under 2% of the fees of standard on chain Bitcoin transactions. In addition, Bitcoin moved out of your Tectum wallet and onto Softnote can move for free, forever!

Gateway to the SoftNote Ecosystem

Your Tectum wallet is your gateway to the Softnote platform in addition to facilitating transactions of Tectum’s native token ‘TET’ with zero fees, near instant finality and with industry leading cryptographic security.

Bitcoin mempool

Tectum’s Bitcoin node interacts with the standard Bitcoin mempool in a way that guarentees confirmation and settlement with Bitcoin miners but with very low fees.