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SoftNote Ordinals

The ultimate future of all BTC ordinals. A game-changer in the world of NFTs.

What is Ordinals?

Ordinals make it easier for you to give a unique identifier number with the possibility to inscribe unique data, mesmerizing images, and essential files by using 1 Satoshi.

But traditional ordinals are not immutable as they can be reinscribed, the size of file is limited by BTC fees, and it’s important to know how to operate a BTC wallet to use them.

SoftNote Ordinals overcome all of those issues.

Why SoftNote Ordinals improve traditional ordinals


Traditional Ordinals can be reinscribed.
SoftNote Ordinals cannot reinscribed.

More possibilities

Traditional ordinal NFT images and files are limited by the Bitcoin block size and fees.
Mint ordinal NFT files up to 2GB on the Tectum Blockchain cheaply!

Native Blockchain

Traditional ordinals clog up the BTC mem pool.
SoftNote Ordinals transact on the Tectum Blockchain

Easy to use

Traditional Ordinals require a Bitcoin wallet to be stored and sent.
SoftNote Ordinals transact using a serial number and passcode so can be sent over any platform including discord, Whatsapp and E-Mail.

Move your current ordinals over to SoftNote Ordinals to make them immutable, low fee and walletless.

Hold over 200 $TET to gain exclusive access to the first ever SoftNote ordinal mints.

Upcoming Mints:

First SoftNote Ordinal Mint (Coming Soon)