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Tectum SoftNote™

The high-speed transactionless payment system of the future.

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Transactionless Payments

Tectum’s SoftNote is a transactionless payment system with instant payments and zero fees. Tectum uses its Bitcoin node and overlay network to facilitate on-chain transfers with low fees and fast transaction times. SoftNote can reduce transfer costs to zero and provide instant finality, making BTC a scalable global cash system.

SoftNote enables fast and anonymous transactions by replacing them with handovers. SoftNote bills will be emitted using Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT as a store of value and can be purchased through Tectum’s web wallet and mobile app.

More about SoftNote elements
More about SoftNote elements
Explore the key elements of SoftNote and understand their importance.
SoftNote Denominationand Currency
Specifies the denomination and type of cryptocurrency utilized by the SoftNote.
Network and Protocol
Indicates the SoftNote's associated network and protocol.
Alphanumeric strings representing a user's public key, essential for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.
Serial Number
A unique identifier given to each SoftNote, ensuring it stands apart from others.
QR Code
Facilitates scanning, bill acceptance, and condition verification of the SoftNote.
State of Funds
Explore the key elements of SoftNote and understand their importance.

Easy 5 steps. SoftNote is yours

BTC/Crypto wallet creation

The system creates empty BTC/Crypto wallet using our Tectum BTC node in preparation for SoftNote minting and filing.

Create Wallet

Minting SoftNote

A Minter (Mt) spends their TET to mint a SoftNote pack of 100 bills. Each individual bill is assigned an individual serial number and the BTC amount is transferred to a Pack dedicated address. The SoftNote minting licenses are then applied to the Mt’s account.

Liquidity provision

A liquidity provider (LP) transfers BTC/Crypto to the BTC/Crypto wallets of the SoftNote bills they desire to fill. The LP licenses for these SoftNotes are assigned to the Tectum account.

Releasing for circulation

The Minter then distributes these SoftNotes. This could be done in various ways depending on the system in place — either through direct transactions, sales, exchanges, or through a network of distributors or agents. Their movement from one holder to another constitutes their active circulation, facilitating trade and exchange just like any currency.

Revenue generation

The end user spends the SoftNote. If used for retail purposes, the retailer is charged a capped fee of 1%. The Mt and LP license holders are each paid 20% of this fee.

Why SoftNote?

SoftNotes are a FinTech product that sits on blockchain rails that facilitate a frictionless transport of value. Get the Pitch Deck & learn how this innovative new technology facilitates the digital currency environment of the future.

SoftNote bills carry the value within themselves, and their blockchain underpinnings unlock the freedom to conduct borderless remittances in true peer-to-peer manner. Since Softnotes deal with digital values, managing fees and transaction records become a technological rather than a logistical task, where the blockchain becomes the point of trust between intermediaries.

SoftNotes can only be minted using Tectum Softnote platform and Tectum’s in built Bitcoin node helps the system automatically assign and lock liquidity into a Softnote’s underlying Bitcoin address.

Key advantages of Tectum Softnote

Absolute Anonymity

SoftNote is more anonymous than Bitcoin wallet because BTC transaction can’t be traced by public address. The payment is not registered in the native network ledger while the balance is handed over.

Zero-Commission Payments

Commissions are only paid by retailers if the SoftNote is received in a point of sale context. Commission is less than half that of credit cards.

Instant Payment Processing

Payment is deemed received as fast as the receiving party is able to verify and unlock the SoftNote. The Superconductive Digital Environment eliminates feeds & delays and tends towards zero transaction costs and infinite terminal performance (transaction speed).

Internet Independence

Paying party can use physical format, paper printed SoftNote bill and conduct payment without using electronic device or internet as long as a recipient is connected to Tectum network.

“Handover” instead of “Transfer”

A store of value balance is easily verified by checking network and BTC explorer, while the handover is invisible on chain.

Reverses the “Transaction Fee” Paradigm

SoftNote means no fees for senders, with retailers will be charged a modest fee under 1% applicable to all incoming transactions.

Network Independence & Isolation

SoftNote features technological isolation from traditional banking and crypto systems. Payment Handover allows participants to fully protect from native networks’ performance issues, where payments can be handed over personally in device-to-device mode or sent through any network capable of transfering picture format files. A SoftNote user only needs a “proof of balance”, which can easily be conducted by verifying the SoftNote balance via native (BTC) Explorer.

Cash Money Property

SoftNote can be handed over in a paper form and received by another party as long as they are connected the internet.

Excellent Security

SoftNote Pin-Codes cryptographically secure your Softnote ownership.

Robust & maturity technical framework

Built on our proprietary and copyrighted intellectual property.

Denominated Bills

SoftNote bills are denominated according to globally accepted standards: $1, $5, $10, $20 etc. SoftNotes can be printed in paper format and transported without any geographical boundaries.


Zero-fee policy and instant finality makes micro-transactions possible.

Tectum Pitch Deck

SoftNotes are a FinTech product that sits on blockchain rails that facilitate a frictionless transport of value. Get the Pitch Deck & learn how this innovative new technology facilitates the digital currency environment of the future.