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Tectum Token

A SoftNote Mint License and a point of entry into the ecosystem.

Tokenizing Network fees

Tectum Emission Token (TET) – T12 token is built on Tectum’s native blockchain that operates at 1.3 million transactions. It has the utility of minting SoftNote Bills, paying reduced merchant fees, minting T12-20 standard project tokens, and accessing other Tectum/CrispMind products.

TET, along with our wallet, Tectum Emission Coin (TEC), SoftNote Minting License, SoftNote, Telegram Bot (@SoftNotebot), Mobile App, and other tools, allow users to effortlessly use Crypto, NFTs, and digital contracts with minimal risk while maximizing security and speed.

TET solves the problem of crypto usability by becoming a universal store of value that allows Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and retail transactions in a real-time, secure, and fee-free environment, all while allowing fair and easy access to KYC and developing regions.

This utility encourages mass adoption, financial independence, and personal control to any user worldwide.

Tectum Token (TET) Allocation Tectum Token (TET) Allocation

A practical store of value

Tectum Economics utilizes our ability to reduce transaction delays that regular cryptocurrency users would otherwise incur using similar services.

Our core competency product revolves around a superconductive virtual environment, delivering more speed and savings.

Tectum Emission Token (TET) is naturally linked to other Tectum products, sharing their benefits while keeping its unique identity. The purpose of TET is to give participants a variety of options in order to allow them to make the best partnership decision possible at any time without losing any of the benefits associated with any product.

Users of the Tectum network can save up to 99 percent on fees when transferring Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and over 75 percent on fees when utilizing SoftNote – a utility value that significantly outweighs that of other crypto-initiatives.

Once you have your TET, you have the options of holding it, trading it, redeeming it, minting SoftNotes and providing liquidity, or filling the SoftNotes of others with liquidity through the platform.

Tectum User
SoftNote for TET
0.2% reward
From the circulation and SoftNote burning
Same Tectum User or Others

Filling SoftNote
0.2% reward
From the circulation and SoftNote burning
Payments for goods and services, banknotes circulation

Circulating or Burned

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