Tokenizing Network Fees

The Tectum Enumeration Token (TET) provides partners with a universal and highly lucrative entry system into our suite of Financial Technolgy (FINTECH) tools.

TET, along with our wallet, Tectum Enumeration Coin (TEC), SoftNote Minting License, SoftNote, Telegram Bot (@SoftNotebot), Mobile App and other tools, allow users to effortlessly use Crypto, NFTs, and digital contracts with minimal risk while maximizing security and speed.

TET solves the problem of crypto usability by becoming a universal store of value that allows Peer to Peer (P2P) and retail transactions on a real-time, secure and fee-free environment, all while allowing fair and easy access to KYC and developing regions. This utility encourages mass adoption, financial independence, and personal control to any user worldwide.

When partner priorities are established, TET can be exchanged for a SoftNote(s) minting license.

TET’s market value can never be smaller that the least valuable Tectum commodity. This exclusive membership represent our commitment to continuously deliver price breaks and other useful tools within our network.

Tectum Token Presale

$ 3.00

Purchase with Tectum Wallet

Next Pre Sales Starts: Oct 8, 2022

Tet presale chart

A Practical Store Of Value

Tectum economics utilize our ability to reduce transaction delays which regular cryptocurrency users would otherwise incur using similar services.

Our core competency product revolves around a superconductive virtual environment, delivering more speed and savings.

Tectum Token (TET) is naturally linked to other Tectum products, sharing their benefits while keeping its unique identity. The purpose of Tectum Token is to give participants a variety of options in order to allow them make the best partnership decision possible at any time without losing any of the benefits associated with any product.

For example, a BNB coin is a cryptocurrency that powers the Binance ecosystem. Its utility value has driven up the market value in price over 100 times within the last 18 months. This information has been based on a single premise of 25% savings from trading commission fees of BNB holders.

Users of the Tectum network can save up to 99 percent on fees when transferring Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and over 75 percent on fees when utilising SoftNote – a utility value that significantly outweighs that of other crypto-initiatives.

Once you have your TET, you have the options of holding it, trading it, redeeming it, minting SoftNotes and providing liquidity, or filling the liquidity of others’ SoftNotes through the platform.

The TET Value Proposition is a guaranteed, 1:1 conversion to other Tectum products, and its ever-increasing utility value allows users options to mitigate risks and increase opportunities. It’s initial pre-sale value was One Dollar.

Deal Highlights

  1. Emission: TET 10,000,000
  2. Soft Cap: $ 3 500,000.00
  3. Hard Cap: $ 10,000,000.00
  4. Token Price: $ 2.50
  5. Sale Start: October 15th
  6. Volume Discounts Available: Yes
  7. Token Burnable: Yes, upon swap with other products.
  8. Sale End: Hard Cap or Listing on Exchange, whichever is first.

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