Tectum™ is a distributed ledger protocol managing platform that employs the proprietary record change signature management algorithm – HashDrive™.

Our technology provides instant event status delivery and event ownership updates throughout the whole network along with distributed levels of access to functional system modules without cluttering the bandwidth between the nodes.

Instead of storing the data directly in the blockchain, Tectum stores hashes that are mapped back to the original data stored at a lower level. This isolates the heavy transaction-related data from the main pipeline by hashing, encrypting and signing the bundles at the end of every transaction and archiving it.

This makes the event-related data instantly verifiable and publicly accessible, with different levels of accessibility provided to different transaction-related modules.

The event hashing process is run on top of a database in order to enable faster retrieval of data items, and works as an upper functional layer to keep the main-net pipeline free from heavy data processing. The mechanism of isolating the system event formalization process from big-data leading to the main-net unprecedented throughput capabilities is our value proposition.

Normally, the rule of thumb for a blockchain is that the greater the security, the slower it is. Conversely, if you want a fast blockchain, you’re going to have security issues, because everything comes with a cost. That’s not the case for Tectum, however, because we’ve separated the levels of data into multiple tiers.

Tectum is perfect for lightweight, high-volume applications, especially for record-keeping. So you could use it to effectively notarize and store municipal, legal, logistics, and billing records, for instance. It also has Internet of Things applications — so if you wanted to record the geo-position of a drone or systems status of a vehicle several times a second, it would be perfect.

Tectum’s high speed is what gives it an advantage, and this comes from having three levels of nodes in the blockchain. We have a master node that’s designed to carry all the heavy weight data, and then an upper level that conducts communication with hashes.

So it really is a hash-drive — it hashes packets, it hashes blocks, it hashes just about everything and it keeps it on the upper level of the blockchain. That’s what makes it so remarkably fast.

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Tectum is a fast, scalable blockchain designed for high-speed logistical tasks like records-keeping, digital media rights, geo-positioning, Internet of Things (IoT) data and drones. Request an executive summary today and learn how Tectum can empower your business.

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