Tectum partners with blockchain education platform Digimentor to deliver Softnote training course - Tectum Blockchain

Tectum partners with blockchain education platform Digimentor to deliver Softnote training course

Tectum, the revolutionary blockchain platform, has just taken a major step forward in making its products more accessible and understandable to everyone. With the help of Digimentor, a leading blockchain education program, Tectum is now able to provide a comprehensive education on its platform, the Tectum blockchain, and its flagship product, the SoftNote.

Recently, Tectum conducted market research with its community and found that over 85% of its members did not fully understand the SoftNote. With this in mind, Tectum has partnered with Digimentor to help people understand Tectum’s products more effectively.

Digimentor is an educational platform that focuses on wealth generation and business development, with a heavy emphasis on emerging technologies like blockchain. The platform is run by Damien Ramos, who has a passion for blockchain education. He founded Digimentor in early 2020 as a private membership community that focuses on e-learning in the areas of blockchain technology and wealth accumulation.

The goal of Digimentor is to empower its members by providing a comprehensive education and the development of skills that will make them self-reliant. Some of the areas that Damien specializes in include researching and identifying quality cryptocurrency technologies, buying, selling, and storing coins safely, building a balanced portfolio, protecting personal accounts, and earning income with crypto without the need for sponsoring or recruiting.

Tectum is proud to be working with Digimentor to bring education and understanding to the forefront of the blockchain industry. With Digimentor’s expertise and Tectum’s cutting-edge technology, we believe that we can help people understand the true potential of blockchain and how it can be used to enhance their lives.

So, if you’re interested in learning about the Tectum blockchain, the SoftNotes, and much more, head over to Digimentor today. With the help of Digimentor, Tectum is making it easier than ever for you to understand the world of blockchain and how it can help you reach your cryptocurrency goals