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Report of the Tectum AMA Held on the 3rd of July

Tectum continued its weekly community engagement practice with an AMA session on the 3rd of July. This edition was very impactful, featuring a full house with most team members present. In this episode, we updated attendants on development progress.

Tectum AMA 3rd July

This article is a brief summary of all discussions, questions, and answers.

Tectum AMA Held on the 3rd of July: Product Technical Updates

Kicking off the Tectum AMA held on the 3rd of July is technical updates from the team. To ensure we deliver on deadlines from the Roadmap Update, we are testing the commands on the Light Node. Besides the commands, we are also improving the GUI for the Light Node.

Meanwhile, we are introducing slight updates to the previously-published roadmap. Regardless of the changes, we are still testing commands on Metamask to enable operability between Metamask and SoftNote.

In addition, the team is testing various features in the SoftNote wallet. This includes automation and address generation for the Solana Bridge. For a very long time, the community has been requesting integration with the Solana network and we are obliging their request.

Mark Ross (Tectum’s Head of Adoption) has been working with our developers from the backend. This includes identifying various issues and raising tickets to help solve them. His suggestions and user feedback constitute the majority of frontend correction for SoftNote.Cash.

Furthermore, we are SoftNote Mobile app and the commission calculations on the wallet. To ensure premium user experience, Tectum is adjusting the icons to fit various screens of devices compatible with this application.

More so, we are migrating test projects to the server as part of efforts toward the testnet blockchain. Also, we are implementing the authorization of HTTPS requests.

Finally, we are working towards enabling EVM compatibility. At its basic, Tectum blockchain is not compatible with Ethreum Virtual Machines. Nonetheless, integration is possible with a few technological tweaks.

Plans for Adoption and Marketing Updates

Alongside technical improvements, we are introducing several measures to ensure widespread adoption of our products. First, we are working on a partnership to release SoftNote VISA Cards. The team has the finalized documents for the no-KYC virtual cards and physical cards.

The only thing left is final, yet necessary formalities before we make an official announcement. Meanwhile, there will be NFTs attached to these cards.

In other news, we are currently paying out staking rewards to participants who vested their tokens for 6 months.

Back to adoption, David Track (CEO of Tectum) is working with Independent Sale Organizations to ensure widespread adoption of SoftNote Bills. The team is willing to train interested ISOs to help them onboard merchants and earn a percentage for doing so. More so, there will be CRM for ISOs to make their work easier, faster and seamless.

We will significantly push the ePOS machine when it is ready for launch. This will make it easier for merchants to accept SoftNote Bill and further create awareness about our product. Also, Tectum is obtaining all the necessary licenses necessary for implementation.

We are testing the time it takes to fill green SoftNote bills with liquidity to gauge how long it takes. The team wants to improve the processing time and make it more efficient.

Tectum AMA Held on the 3rd of July: Question and Answers

Why is the T12 network not live on exchanges?

The SDK and API are not ready. These are important tool essential for integration and avoiding arbitrage. Furthermore, Tectum is also working towards getting fees and other factors in line with our values. In due time, T12 will be live on existing exchanges where $TET is listed and much larger exchanges in the near future.

Any Update on the SDK?

We are confident that the SDK will go live by December 31st. Shortly after that, we will fully decentralize the Tectum public blockchain.

Will We QuantMed AI be Launches After the API Goes Live?

QuntMed AI will go live immediately, the project’s team are certain they are ready for launch. The SDK development will not affect their launch in any way. In fact, Tectum will continue reviewng incubation applications to support budding startups.

Do Customers and Merchants Need to Own SoftNote to Complete Transactions?

There are various alternatives to complete a SoftNote transaction. The most important part is giving the merchant the serial number and the passcode to enable transaction. People can tender digital or physical copies of SoftNote Bills during transactions. They can even write down the serial number on a piece of paper.

Furthermore, Tectum expects developers and other partners to create their own interfaces for exchanging SoftNote. The SoftNote API is live and devs can create their own platform and merchant terminals.

Does Tectum Have Plans to Market SoftNote on TikTok?

Yes, we understand the impact of TikTok in creating awareness through video content. The team is working on a powerful multichannel approach to promote SoftNote on more platforms, including TikTok.

Are there Trainings on How to Use a SoftNote?

There are loads of tutorials on minting and filling tutorials. Mark Ross is working with the devs to improve SoftNote processes. Once the processes are streamlined, we will launch a comprehensive guide.

Why is the Circulating Supply Not Changing?

It has been changing and functioning properly. Nonetheless, we will check to ensure that the API is still connected.

Can Future Token Airdrops Be Sent Directly into SoftNote Wallets?

Tectum is protecting these budding projects to ensure that people do not sell off the tokens they get from airdrops. Therefore, we encourage startups like Three Protocol to create simple anonymous forms that community members can fill out to indicate interest.

Tectum will consider ways of integrating these airdrops into SoftNote. This will come into play when Tectum Labs become a major incubator like Solana Labs.

What is the Most Efficient Way For Merchants to Get Customers to Pay With SoftNote?

This is part of our marketing plan in the coming months. We’ll be sending different marketing materials to our merchants to create more awareness. This will take effect once we launch the ISO model. Furthermore, Tectum will create a directory to enable users find SoftNote merchants closest to them.

The SoftNote Revolution Podcast

In the coming days, we will launch the SoftNote Revolution podcast on YouTube. Furthermore, anyone who misses out on these AMA sessions can watch a replay on our YouTube channel.