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Embark on the Tectum Voyage: Join the Adventure!

In the dynamic world of Web3, community is the driving force propelling innovation and fostering growth. Tectum deeply values the unwavering support and enthusiasm of its community. As an expression of appreciation, we introduce the Tectum Voyage—a new initiative crafted to engage, reward, and strengthen the bonds within our ecosystem.

Tectum Voyage

What is the Tectum Voyage?

It is an ongoing program meticulously crafted to captivate Tectum’s ecosystem with thrilling and rewarding weekly activities. Through this initiative, Tectum aims to celebrate and strengthen the bond with its valued members.

How to Participate in The Tectum Voyage

The campaign will become active as of May 27th, 2024, on the Galxe platform. To embark on this exciting expedition, users must first complete the Discovery Quest, which invites them to join Tectum’s communities across all social platforms and become part of its ever-expanding family before they can participate in reward-generating campaigns

Stay Tuned for Weekly Updates

Stay fully engaged and informed by monitoring Tectum’s social channels for weekly notifications regarding new challenges.

Each campaign will feature its unique activities and reward structures, prompting participants to carefully review the specifics to maximize the benefits.

Embark on an Adventure

The Tectum Voyage is not just a program but an adventure through our constantly growing ecosystem.

Join Tectum on the Galxe platform for weekly challenges and rewards. The voyage awaits!