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Tectum Trademark Registered: Crispmind Ltd Celebrates New Intellectual Property Milestone

After a long process with the USPTO, we are proud to announce that the Tectum trademark is now registered as an intellectual property of Crispmind. The recognition is a significant milestone as we now have exclusive rights to build and maintain our unique identity as a brand.

Tectum Trademark Registered

This article will outline everything people need to know about this achievement. It will also explain why this is such a monumental feat.

Tectum Trademark Registered: Details of the Approval by the United States Patent and Trademark Office

The process of getting the Tectum trademark registered has been in the works for quite some time. For several years, the company has been pursuing the process of having sole ownership over the rights to use Tectum as part of its brand. The process began in August 2022, with the team requesting that the United States Patent and Trademark Office grant us permission.

On the 28th of May, the company received an email confirming that “Tectum” is now part of the company’s brand. This means that we now have unreserved right to use the name for promotions, proposals, and other business purposes. Furthermore, it implies that we have the power to restrict anyone from using our intellectual properly.

Why This Trademark Registration is Monumental

Meanwhile, recall that Tectum has successfully registered SoftNote and XFA as officially recognized trademarks. Therefore, we reserve the right to use these terms on our products. While having them as trademark is good, there was something missing.

Although Tectum has the right to protect the identity of its product, it did not yet have the same privilege for its brand. Therefore, it will be difficult to promote the blockchain, SoftNote Wallet, SoftNote Bills and XFactor Authenticator as products of Tectum.

Otherwise, we will end up having products that are more popular than the brand. In this case, users will struggle to identify those applications listed above as entities within the Tectum Brand.