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Tectum Emission Token Listing Anniversary: Celebrating One Year of Simplified Bitcoin Payment

Tectum celebrates its first Tectum Emission Token listing anniversary. June 2024 marks one year since our native coin was listed on an exchange or trading. Since that initial DEX Offering, we have grown in strength and community size.

Tectum Emission Token Listing Anniversary

Standing strong after 365 days is no easy feat, considering that 95% of crypto startups fail within one year of launching. This is a good sign of things to come, and we will continue putting in the work. Our roadmap update already lays out technical and community engagement plans for the coming months.

In this article, however, we will elaborate on specific plans for the Tectum Emission Token. Before going into the details, here is a brief insight on the journey so far.

Tectum Emission Token Listing Anniversary: Brief History of the Token Powering Our Ecosystem

From the 26th to the 30th of June 2023, we offered the Tectum Emission Token to the public via Initial DEX Offerings on multiple decentralized exchanges. Across these IDOs, investors bought 362,500 units of $TET. At the time of this listing, tectum Tokens were valued at $3.5.

Below are some details of the various $TET sales:

Alongside these listings, there were several airdrop campaigns and numerous persons joined the Tectum revolution at the early stage.

Since then, Tectum Emission Token has reached an all-time-high of more than $45. Despite the pullback in recent months, the token has maintained more than $7 that is more than twice its initial sale price. Looking at the bigger picture, it is evident that $TET is on the rise.

How $TET and SoftNote Bills are Pioneering Simplified Bitcoin Payment

Tectum Emission Token is the powerhouse of the Tectum blockchain. In this regard, $TET powers every project that operates on the network. A good example is SoftNote Bills – a FinTech solution that is pioneering the simplification of Bitcoin payment. Built as a layer-2 solution on the Tectum network, SoftNote scales Bitcoin payment by increasing transfer speed and significantly reducing transaction fees.

You are probably wondering what role Tectum Emission Token has to play in simplifying Bitcoin payment. As mentioned earlier, $TET powers the blockchain. By this virtue, it also powers the minting, filling and handover of SoftNote Bills.

For a better understanding, let’s begin with minting new SoftNote Bills. Users are required to pay minting fees in Tectum Tokens. The same requirements apply to filling or adding liquidity to a bill.

When people initiate SoftNote transfers, validators managing various nodes process these transactions instantly. For their efforts, these validators receive a percentage of the transfer fees and merchant commission as rewards in $TET.

As shown above, SoftNote Bills will cease to function without Tectum Emission Token. This cryptocurrency will continue to play important roles as we launch more use cases in the coming months.

Tectum Emission Token Listing Anniversary: T12 Integration, Tier1 Listing and Future $TET Investment Opportunities

While we have a general roadmap on what is to come in the following months within the Tectum ecosystem, the team also has plans for our token. Obviously, creating more use cases increases the application and value of $TET. Nonetheless, we still have other specialized plans for Tectum Tokens.

To further encourage the adoption of Tectum Emission Tokens, we are working on integrating T12-20 protocol into Centralized Exchanges. This will enable people to transfer instantly cryptocurrencies at very low prices.

As stated in the roadmap update, the SDK and API will enable our blockchain interoperable with EVMs. Once live, the team will integrate T12-20 into the exchanges and enable people to transfer tokens minted on the Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon networks.

Although these cryptocurrencies are native to EVMs, users will still enjoy cheap and fast transactions that are part of the Tectum blockchain. The goal is to integrate this crypto transfer protocol into as many crypto trading platforms as possible. In fact, we are already discussing with several exchanges.

Additionally, we will list one Tier 1 and more Tier 2 exchanges when the time is right. For those wondering what the delay is about, we are doing everything necessary to protect our token. A recent study showed that tokens listed on Tier 1 exchanges tend to drop significantly in value after the listing hype.

This is partially due to overvaluations, which results in corrections. The team is avoiding such cases with Tectum and wants $TET to have an organic and sustainable growth. All of which will be possible when we launch our public blockchain with its SDK and API.

In conclusion, Tectum is appreciating everyone for their continuous support. From the investors holding $TET to community members actively engaging with us. Remember to join our Weekly AMA session on X(formerly Twitter.