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Tectum Developers Corner June 28th Update

Tectum brings another edition of the Developers Corner – the June 28th Update. In this episode of this series, we continue on our plans established in Roadmap Update. The team will continue efforts towards phase one of initiatives towards launching our layer-1 blockchain for developers.

Tectum Developers Corner June 28th Update

The devs corner update shows how much progress we are making in preparation for the launch of the public blockchain and development of the SDK.  In this regard, community members are certain of the level of progress. This article will cover every headway the team has made between the 6th and the 28th of June.

Tectum Developers Corner June 28th Update: All You Need to Know

We are constantly testing the newly-updated SoftNote Wallet Mint House to ensure its features function optimally. Furthermore, the continuous trial will help the team quickly identify and fix any bugs that may hamper a seamless user experience.

In the Tectum Developers Corner June 28th Update, we are integrating a new design into the SoftNote Wallet. As promised in the previous AMA on the 27th of June, we are working towards creating more intuitive products. This new design takes into account new users who are not familiar with blockchain technology, especially crypto wallets.

Meanwhile, development will continue on the SoftNote Passport and Cloud APIs. We are working round the clock to create an excellent product for developers. This is such that transactions via the light node will take effect instantly and smoothly.

Furthermore, the Light Node itself is currently undergoing development. For those who are not up to speed, the Light Node is a part of the network that enables developers to connect custom tokens, dApps and other use cases they build to the Tectum blockchain. This node is also essential for processing transactions, as it communicates with a validator node.

Still on SoftNote, we are finalizing the process that enable users to burn Blue SoftNote Bills. The burn process is essential as this medium enables people to reclaim the liquidity stored in a SoftNote. Therefore, the team wants to ensure that the feature is butter-smooth.

As a company laser-focused on user-experience, we are running A/B test to analyze user experience. The results from this trail will determine how we will design product interfaces as time goes on.

Finally, we are refactoring the .cash endpoints to introduce various upgrade to the necessary parts of the wallet. As noticed in previous developers corner, refactoring after every update.

SoftNote Mobile App Beta Version Release

Speaking of the mobile app, we have some beautiful work behind the scenes for everyone. Trust us to always deliver only the best products. This application will incorporate the security, efficiency and seamless experience that only Tectum is capable of.

Our developers are ensuring that we squeeze in every single feature available on SoftNote Wallet website into the mobile app. Furthermore, Tectum is optimizing the interface for mobile view on smaller-sized screens. The team is making significant progress and will be releasing a beta version of the app very soon.

While this is a testnet application, Tectum wants to ensure that it offers the best experience. In this regard, we are making important finishing touches and creating the modalities for testing. We will announce to the community when the beta app is available and how people can participate.

Additionally, we are adding a notification system to the web app of the SoftNote Wallet. Going forward, individuals will get instant updates of any activities to their wallets without logging in. This feature will elevate the experience of merchants and anyone using SoftNote for business. Moreover, this is also an essential step as we prepare towards launching the mobile app.