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SoftNote.Cash: The Best Way to Spend Bitcoin

Do you know that SoftNote.Cash offers the best way to spend Bitcoin?  This product from Tectum enables people to send and use BTC without worrying about issues like high gas fees, slow transactions and complex wallet address. In fact, people can spend crypto just like fiat.

Best Way to Spend Bitcoin

This article will highlight various reasons why SoftNote.Cash is the best way to spend Bitcoin. Furthermore, it will share ideas on how people can utilize their BTC through this crypto cash from Tectum, the fastest layer-1 blockchain.

6 Reasons Why Tectum SoftNote.Cash is The Best Way to Spend Bitcoin

There are several reasons why Tectum SoftNote.Cash is the most efficient way of spending your Bitcoin. For the purpose of this article, we will outline just 5 factors why this solution is the best means for using BTC.

  • The Lowest Gas Fee: SoftNote.Cash offers the cheapest transaction fee of any payment system, both traditional and blockchain-based. Individuals only pay 0.5-1% as gas fees on transactions, which is far cheaper than the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.
  • Instant Transactions: SoftNote.Cash is built on Tectum – the fastest layer-1 blockchain. Therefore, this network can support up to 3.5 million transactions per second, making it perfect for high volume transfers. Even during “peak hours”, payments are processed instantly. Not fast, instantly.
  • Complete Control of Your Token: SoftNote.Cash is not a “representation” or an asset that you trade in for your Bitcoin. Instead, it is a mini wallet that helps you sort and store your BTC ins smaller units. Therefore, people have unrestricted access to their BTC anytime they want. This involves trading SoftNote Bills on selected exchanges or burning the SoftNote Cash to access the liquidity stored in it.  In this regard, they do not even need permission from Tectum.
  • Perfect for Micro Transactions: As mentioned above, SoftNote.Cash enables people to break down their BTC into smaller amounts like $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10, etc. Thereby making it perfect for microtransactions, as individuals can easily pay for small items and services. Think of it, you can even tip someone with a SoftNote Bill.
  • Spend Bitcoin Like Actual Cash: This is arguably one of the juiciest part of any blockchain-based payment gateway solution. Do you know that you can print SoftNote.Cash on paper, like a standard fiat cash?  More so, you do not even need to own a wallet. Simply visit the SoftNote.Cash website and mint or fill a bill. Individuals present at the FinTech Summit in Dubai saw printed copies of this crypto cash.
  • Supported By an Extensive Ecosystem: Tectum is not just building a single solution and hoping that people adopt it for Bitcoin payment. We are partnering with various businesses to become SoftNote merchants and accept this crypto cash as payment. For example, we recently onboarded Wormwood – an SEO company in Washington, as a SoftNote merchant.

10 Easy Ways to Get Full Value for Your Cryptocurrencies

Now that you understand why SoftNote.Cash is the best way to use Bitcoin, let’s examine some means through which you can use this crypto cash and get full value for your money. Considering that most crypto transaction are pricey, it is essential to reduce cost.

Some ways to spend BTC with SoftNote include:

  1. Booking your next trip for a hassle-free vacation with Travel Care and Travala
  2. Get fresh produce for the best prices by shopping at Mizrak Gross
  3. Treat your taste buds with dinner at 10 Greek Plates or Restaurant Le Phare Vieux-Fort.
  4. Power with top-quality solar panel and batteries from Queensland Solar and Lighting
  5. Explore your love for artistry by getting genuine artwork from Inkpa Mani
  6. Obtain beautiful customized merch and souvenir from Crypto Goodies or SYSO
  7. Upgrade your home with the best landscaping services from Crafted Finishes or Straight Edge Landscapes
  8. Get that summer body and improve your health with Iron Viking Gym.
  9. improve your business with top-notch B2B services from Grant Help and Wordwood
  10. Get customized and quality bicycles from Sam’s Motobike Shop.

Meanwhile, the best part about these options listed above is that they enable people to pay for products and services directly with Bitcoin. Therefore, no need of converting crypto to fiat and incurring additional charges.