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Tectum Announces Iron Viking Gym as New SoftNote Merchant

Tectum has completed the onboarding of Iron Viking Gym as a SoftNote Merchant. This partnership increases the use cases of $TET and SoftNote Bills. As promised at the end of last year, the team will be making Bitcoin spendable and increasing the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Increasing the number of merchants is one of the measures through which we intend to achieve this feat.

Meanwhile, Tectum is not incorporating just about any business as partners. We thoroughly investigate these ventures to ensure that they offer excellent customer support and quality service. The team understands that these merchants become an extension of our ecosystem after onboarding. Therefore, it is essential that we complete thorough checks before bringing the aboard.

Details of the Tectum and Iron Viking Gym Partnership

Iron Viking Gym is more than just a place to work out. This is an organization that is dedicated towards improving the general wellbeing of its members. Therefore, it offers personalized services to enable individuals to achieve their respective goals.

These services include the following:

  • Individualized training personalized to body types and other factors
  • Nutrition plans according to the specific needs of the person
  • Expert coaching from experienced individuals who understand various techniques and approaches
  • 24/7 gym access to ensure the needed flexibility that suits almost every schedule.
  • Accountability check-ins to keep individuals motivated.

Following the partnership between Tectum and Iron Viking Gym, individuals can now pay for the services above using cryptocurrencies. However, this will not be the typical process with crypto off-ramps, where people buy Bitcoin with MasterCard.

Users do not have to convert their tokens to fiat. Instead, they spend their Bitcoin or USDT directly without needing to incur fees resulting from multiple conversions and transactions. People will only pay the 0.1% transfer fee, ensuring that they get maximum value for their money.

Benefits of Accepting SoftNote Bills For Payment

There are several benefits that MAYKR Build will enjoy now that they have become a SoftNote Merchant. These incentives are also applicable to every other business owner who partners or is looking to partner with Tectum.

Some benefits include those outlined below:

  • Transacting Both Locally and International: SoftNote Bills allow people to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. They are not subject to any form of governmental restriction or policy. Considering this factor, SoftNote Merchants can offer their products and services to anyone in any part of the world. This feature is very beneficial to individuals or enterprises that are into e-commerce.
  • Lowest Possible Merchant Commission: firms that use SoftNote as a payment method will only pay a 1% commission on the payments that they receive. This is the best deal on the market, and it will help businesses reduce the cost of operation. Small businesses have stuck to accepting only cash as a means of avoiding the high commission from payment service providers. Tectum offers an excellent alternative.
  • Accepting Crypto With Complexities: As mentioned in a previous article, SoftNote is the easiest way to accept Bitcoin payments. Instead of the usual complex process, customers only need to share their barcode for scanning and approve the transaction with their secret code. In fact, people can use SoftNote Bills to spend Bitcoin without owning a blockchain wallet.
  • Fastest Completion of Transactions: this payment method is hosted on Tectum – the fastest blockchain in the world. Our network can simultaneously process 1.3 million transactions per second. Therefore, all transactions must be reflected in record time. Merchants do not have to worry about delayed transactions due to network congestion.
  • Option to Make an Investment: For those who do not know, merchants can also make money from minting or adding liquidity to SoftNote Bills. If you fill this crypto cash with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USD Tether, you get a percentage whenever someone uses it. Even without making any effort, you will be earning money.

How to Become a SoftNote Merchant

As shown above, there are several benefits of being a SoftNote merchant. Tectum is open to working with small, medium and large-scale businesses to help them scale growth. If you want to accept and use this crypto cash for payment, visit the SoftNote Merchant website. Fill out the details on that form with the correct information about your business. The team will reach out to you if your application is successful or if there is a need to request further details.