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Tectum Announces Wormwood SEO Company as a SoftNote Merchant

Tectum announces Wormwood, a digital marketing and artificial intelligence development company, as a SoftNote merchant. Onboarding this Washington-based company further emphasizes the diversity of organization we have partnered with to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Wormwood SoftNote Merchant

Over the years, Tectum has partnered with FMCG companies that offered products and services to direct consumers, such as restaurants, jewelers, travel agencies, etc.  However, Wormwood SEO showcases the ability of SoftNote to serve as a payment gateway for B2B enterprises that offer services to companies.

This article will outline the features of Wormwood SEO and services it provides.  Also, read to the en d to learn how to become a SoftNote merchant and scale your business by using SoftNote to accept crypto for payments.

Wormwood: All You Need to Know About This SoftNote Merchant

Wordmood, the new SoftNote Merchant, is a digital marketing and artificial intelligence company. Located in Sammamish, Washington, this establishment design AI tools that help various organizations improve their digital visibility.

Wormwood is not your regular digital marketing agency, as they employ extensive research and have their team of engineers discuss with you to properly understand your goals. Using this information, they design a customized and detailed action plan that will certainly yield results.

To this company, creating online brand awareness is beyond making a few tweaks to move up the ranking. Wormwood understands that the main aim of digital marketing campaigns is to reach your target audience. Therefore, the agency focuses on increasing quality traffic and fostering organic growth that will yield leads who will take the call-to-action.

Even after getting immediate success, this SEO outfit works with its client to ensure long-term success. This approach will grow the business, rather than just promote its brand.

With Wormwood now a SoftNote merchant, individuals who have businesses can now obtain their SEO services and pay with Tectum SoftNote Bills. This benefit applies to other SoftNote merchants and community members (that are not SoftNote merchants) who own their private businesses.

Wormwood is not just about the big corporations, as they have testimonials of helping small and medium-scale outfits rank in the competitive digital landscape. Furthermore, this digital marketing enterprise also offers specialized services to Web3 companies. Therefore, even startups incubated from Tectum Labs can also get #1 ranking on the first page and pay with BTCsn or USDTsn.

Benefits of Accepting SoftNote Bills For Payment

There are several benefits business owners will enjoy now that they have become SoftNote Merchants. These incentives apply to every other business owner who partners or is looking to partner with Tectum.

Some benefits include those outlined below:

  • Transacting Both Locally and International: SoftNote Bills allow people to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. They are not subject to any form of governmental restriction or policy. Considering this factor, SoftNote Merchants can offer their products and services to anyone in any part of the world. This feature is very beneficial to individuals or enterprises that are into e-commerce.
  • Lowest Possible Merchant Commission: firms that use SoftNote as a payment method will only pay a 1% commission on the payments that they receive. This is the best deal on the market, and it will help businesses reduce the cost of operation. Small businesses have stuck to accepting only cash to avoid the high commission from payment service providers. Tectum offers an excellent alternative.
  • Accepting Crypto With Complexities: As mentioned in a previous article, SoftNote is the easiest way to accept Bitcoin payments. Instead of the usual complex process, customers only need to share their barcode for scanning and approve the transaction with their secret code. In fact, people can use SoftNote Bills to spend Bitcoin without owning a blockchain wallet.
  • Fastest Completion of Transactions: this payment method is hosted on Tectum – the fastest blockchain in the world. Our network can simultaneously process 1.3 million transactions per second. Therefore, all transactions must be reflected in record time. Merchants do not have to worry about delayed transactions due to network congestion.
  • Option to Make an Investment: For those who do not know, merchants can also make money from minting or adding liquidity to SoftNote Bills. If you fill this crypto cash with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USD Tether, you get a percentage whenever someone uses it. Even without making any effort, you will be earning money.

How to Become a SoftNote Merchant

As shown above, there are several benefits of being a SoftNote merchant. Tectum is open to working with small, medium, and large-scale businesses to help them scale growth. If you want to accept and use this crypto cash for payment, visit the SoftNote Merchant website. Fill out the details on that form with the correct information about your business. The team will reach out to you if your application is successful or if there is a need to request further details.