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Tectum at Blockchain Life – An Overview of Our Participation at This Event

At the time of writing this article, news about the conference is probably fizzling out like memories of the flooding incident. Before everything fades away and becomes distant memories, Tectum is documenting our participation in the Blockchain Life Event. Like the Developers Corner, we want to keep community members updated on the work taking place behind the curtains.

As mentioned in the announcement publication, the summit offered an opportunity to network with leading industry experts. The team took maximum advantage of this chance to spread awareness about our products and services. Tectum executives also connected with institutional leaders with top-level experience in the public and private sectors.

Tectum at Blockchain Life – Our Objective at This Event

The team understands that Blockchain Life is arguably the biggest global gathering of top leaders in Web3. This event always pulled numbers and the 12th edition of this symposium was no different. Despite the storm and unexpected interruptions, 10,162 participants attended the event.

Meanwhile, the numbers were not the only positive from this exercise. Community engagements and discussions led by more than 160 thought leaders also enriched the audience. Top executives from Binance, Chainlink, Tron, Bybit, OKX, DFINITY, Ledger, Animoca Brands, Ton, Cardano, Singularity Net, LayerZero, Tether, Ripple, and Trust Wallet shared insightful information with everyone in attendance.

In the 12th edition of this event, the focus was on entrepreneurship opportunities within the blockchain mining sector. One of our value propositions is how people can transfer Bitcoin at zero fees using the noncustodial wallet built on the fastest blockchain.

More so, the theme of this edition of the symposium correlated with our goal of making cryptocurrencies more spendable. Tectum foresaw the impact of the Blockchain Life event and was smart enough to key into it.

Our objectives include the following:

  • Create more awareness about tectum applications to interested investors and prospective partners.
  • Learn about the latest Web3 trends as they relate to security, service delivery, navigating legal constraints, and the latest technologies.
  • Discover unexplored areas, unsolved problems, and gaps that blockchain technology can fill.

Highlights and Key Activities of The Team at This Event

Considering our goal, Tectum is proud to announce that our outing at Blockchain Life was a success. First, we secured a booth at the event and were able to draw the attention of several attendees. Most of the people in attendance were fascinated by the concept of crypto cash.

Several people were thoroughly amazed after receiving dummy SoftNote Bills and how they make Bitcoin more spendable. A testament to people’s reception of our product is how the team ran out of dummy SoftNote Bills to share.

Tectum team members met with Brian Rose at Blockchain Life, and he had a lot of positives to say about Web3. The podcaster and former Wall Street banker even shared some of his ideas, while announcing his intentions to become the next mayor of London.

Besides individuals, the team also spoke with some executives of budding and established companies. There are positive talks ongoing regarding possible partnerships. However, we cannot reveal the details until the discussions are final.

Nonetheless, community members should be rest assured that something big is coming. Connect with Tectum on all social media platforms to get the latest developments as they take place.