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Tectum Set to Launch Three Protocol – First Incubated Tectum Labs Project

After a long incubation period, Tectum is set to release Three Protocol. This project will go into operation in line with the guidance policies of Tectum Labs. With the launch just a few days from now, Tectum is creating awareness about this startup.

This article will explain everything individuals need to know about this startup and its value proposition. It will also explain what the project will benefit from Tectum Labs even after launching

All You Need to Know About Three Protocol – The First Tectum Labs Project

Three Protocol is a comprehensive Web3 project from Tectum Labs with four major features. The first is a decentralized job marketplace, whereby companies can directly advertise available openings within their organizations.  Think of it like Upwork, Freelancer and the links. Unlike your regular job board, this is an open platform where everyone is an equal shareholder.

In addition to the job platform, Three Protocol also has a Web3 education feature. This is a community-driven system that aims to improve the knowledge of individuals about blockchain technology.

The third feature of this project is a system of on-chain profiles that utilize Zero-Knowledge Proof. It involves creating digital profiles without sharing excessive information. Instead of KYC verification, people must maintain a good digital profile while interacting with others. Anyone whose rating falls below a certain level risks losing their profile.

Finally, a DAO resolution mechanism is in place to ensure that the ecosystem operates seamlessly. There will be minimal human effort, as smart contracts oversee systemic operations.

What Does Three Protocol Benefits From Tectum Labs

Three Protocol will enjoy several incidents after launching from incubation in Tectum Labs. The team will continue to support this startup as it enters into operation. We aim to ensure this project successfully navigates through the tricky initial stages and achieves its full potential.

To ensure that Three Protocol succeeds, Tectum will provide the following:

  • Specialized support tailored to meet the specific needs of the project. Tectum will employ hands-on support for the first 12 months of operation.
  • Access to funding and grants that are designed particularly for blockchain ventures. Three Protocol will have access to Tectum’s network of Venture Capitalists, Investors and many more.
  • Support from experts and industry leaders who understand how to navigate the tricky waters of Web3 business operations. This includes both internal and external mentors.
  • Legal, and operational resources to ensure that the start-up runs as efficiently as possible. The focus will be on getting the right people in key areas and creating the best policies.
  • Marketing and promotional support to increase awareness and support publicity. Tectum will utilize all its promotional channels to help people learn more about Three Protocol.

How to Invest In Three Protocol

As mentioned earlier, the 29th of April is the launch date for Three Protocol. Meanwhile, investors can join the presale on the 25th of April to get the tokens of this project at a bargain. However, only those who hold or stake 100 $TET in a non-custodial wallet will be eligible for this benefit.

Interested persons can visit Altcoin Buzz to learn more about this project. You can also join its Telegram Community to get the latest updates or read its new Litepaper.