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Measures to Ensure SoftNote Bills Security

With the Tectum community growing every day, it is essential to maintain the integrity of our products. SoftNoet is the headline offering from our ecosystem. Therefore, ensuring its efficiency is essential for maintaining that integrity. Considering this factor, Tectum implements several ways to ensure SoftNote Bills Security.

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Measures Tectum Employs to Ensure SoftNote Bills Security

Tectum uses a scalable and flexible solution that enables people without crypto knowledge can make a Bitcoin payment. To make this possible, we had to simplify certain aspects of its functionality to improve its usage.

In better terms, these bills are designed to enable off-chain transactions. This means that you can send a SoftNote to a friend who does not own a blockchain wallet. While this makes it simpler for the average person, it exposes the technology to certain vulnerabilities. For example, what happens if someone steals and or tries to claim ownership of the bill?

Tectum already foresaw the possible issues and took steps to prevent them.

Here are some other important measures we took to ensure SoftNote Bill Safety:

  • Smart and Unique Passcode: To ensure people remain safe even when they engage in off-chain transactions, Tectum uses a dynamic coding system. To claim ownership of the SoftNote, the receiver must get a unique passcode from the sender. What makes this technology reolutionary is that the system changes the passcode immediately when there is a change of ownership of the bills. This means that the new owner is the only person that can access the funds.
  • Anonymous Transactions: Besides the passcode for receiving SoftNote, Tectum also protects individuals who use our network for transactions. This involves keeping their information completely anonymous from third parties. Not even Tectum has access to the information of the user who sends cryptocurrencies via the T12 protocol.
  • Trustless Approval: Everything on the T12 protocol is automated to work seamlessly. Tectum combines smart contracts and blockchain technology to process transactions without interference. This implies that no Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is necessary to approve transfers that users initiate. Removing every possible chance for human error, Tectum provides a tightly secured system for seeing and receiving cryptocurrencies.

How Users Can Protect Their Assets

As shown above, it is obvious that SoftNote Bills have adequate security measures at the enterprise level. Considering this factor, cyber criminals will often target individual users when trying to breach the infrastructure. In this regard, users of SoftNote must take the necessary steps to protect their assets when sending or receiving

Below are some simple ways to protect your liquidity:

  • Never share your unique passcode with anyone, especially if they claim to be a Tectum employee. We will never ask you for such information.
  • Always confirm receipt of funds in your Tectum Wallet and check if the unique passcode has changed from the previous phrase. This change occurs automatically after you receive the funds.
  • After completing an off-chain transaction, ensure to synchronize it on-chain for confirmation.  This is a smart way to complete the transfer of ownership.
  • Try to create a Tectum Wallet if you receive SoftNote Bills without having a blockchain wallet. It offers a more secure way to store your assets.

The decentralized nature of blockchain means that people take full ownership of their assets and responsibility for their digital safety. Tectum already covers the essential areas of SoftNote Bills security. It is up to users to maintain the status quo and play their part..