Network Upgrade Triumph: Tectum's Proactive Security Boost

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Network Upgrade Triumph: Tectum’s Proactive Security Boost



At Tectum, we recently undertook a significant network upgrade to enhance our blockchain’s security and efficiency. Undertaking such a critical upgrade requires careful planning and a commitment to discretion to ensure the safety of all transactions and operations within our network.

Identifying and Addressing Network Vulnerabilities Promptly

Thanks to the vigilance of our team and the partnership with whitehat hackers, we were able to identify potential vulnerabilities swiftly. Our blockchain security is paramount, and our proactive stance on addressing these issues head-on signifies our commitment to maintaining an unassailable network. The efficient response and immediate action characterize not just a Tectum Blockchain Enhancement but a resilient and secure approach to our entire ecosystem’s security.

Executing the Network Upgrade

Executing the network upgrade was a testament to Tectum’s mainnet reliability and strength. With minimal disruption to our services, we strengthened our blockchain’s resilience, benefiting all applications, notably the SoftNote application, and offering a scalable solution without compromise – a key aspect of our zero fee crypto platform.

Maintaining System Integrity

Our network upgrade affected the overall system integrity positively, improving our high TPS blockchain performance and ensuring that SoftNote transactions continue to be handled with unrivaled speed and security. This step further propels us in the realm of decentralized finance, supporting immediate and fee-free transactions with our TET token.

Strategic Balance During the Upgrade

We meticulously balanced the need for transparency and security during the network upgrade. Our strategy entailed a blockchain security patch rollout that shielded our users without compromising the openness that is a hallmark of Tectum’s network.

Upgrading Our Network Responsibly

We’d like to share a timeline of our network’s upgrade for a transparent view of our incident management, which details the seamless TET token migration and validator updates. This effort underlines our ethos of collaboration, especially our Tectum whitehat collaboration, which is core to our network resilience.

Network Upgrade: Financials and Bounty Payouts

The financial implications of our network upgrade underscore our investment in the security of the Tectum ecosystem. We take pride in rewarding those who contribute to our network’s safety, signifying a critical upgrade to more than just technology but to community trust as well.

Review and Improvement Post-Upgrade

Following the network upgrade, we conducted a thorough review of our processes and identified several enhancements to our procedures, ensuring that our blockchain roadmap remains forward-thinking and that we continue to adapt and improve upon our existing systems.

Our Vision for A Battle-Tested Network

Looking ahead, we are committed to further network upgrades and technological developments to fulfill our vision of a battle-tested, next-gen blockchain network. To stay abreast of our progress towards a secure, scalable, and innovative blockchain solution, we encourage you to follow our updates.


Our journey through this network upgrade has only strengthened our ability to confront challenges and adapt quickly. We are determined to continue advancing our technology and remaining at the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

We invite you to read more about Tectum’s network upgrades and our ongoing efforts in blockchain advancement on our blog and consult our technical reports for a deeper dive into the specifics of our network upgrade processes.