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Tectum’s Trailblazing 3.5 Million Transactions Per Second: A Glimpse into the Future of Fastest Blockchain Transactions

At this point, it is no longer news that Tectum is the fastest blockchain in terms of transactions processing speed. Our network, comprising 8 nodes, completed 3.5 million transactions per second. As mentioned on several occasions in the past, it is more than just bragging about the speed at which the blockchain can transfer data. Tectum’s trailblazing speed indicates the future of data processing, not just cryptocurrency transactions.

Tectum Fastest Blockchain Transactions

Just like the shift from proof of work to proof of stake, more decentralized networks will begin prioritizing efficiency alongside security. This article will explain how Tectum broke the record for the fastest blockchain and give possible projections on the future of blockchain transactions and data transfer.

Tectum Fastest Blockchain Transaction: How Our Network Was Able To Achieve This Feat

While many individuals know that Tectum is the fastest blockchain, very few understand how the network can attain this level of efficiency. As mentioned in countless articles in the past, including Tectum 101, the Tectum blockchain processes information in layers. By parsing different types of data across various levels, we reduce the chances of congestion. The same process applied to the TPS test final phase.

In that trial, the team passed more than 51 million SoftNote transactions across 8 nodes. While each of these nodes proceeded no less than 500 transactions at a stretch, the test results showed that some nodes completed more than others. This is not normal, as the seemingly “slower nodes” are master nodes that process heavier data like the details of the transaction.

Tectum Fastest Blockchain Transactions: The Impact of Attaining This Milestone

Earlier, we referred to the shift from the proof-of-work to the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. The Tectum blockchain is set to make a similar impact after breaking the record for the fastest layer 1 blockchain. For as long as memory serves, decentralized networks have struggled with what is called the “blockchain trilemma.”

The blockchain trilemma involves the 3 core principles of blockchain technology that all networks must navigate. These principles include security, scalability, and decentralization, and blockchains must choose which of these three features to prioritize.

For a better understanding, these are brief explanations of these terms:

  • Security: the blockchain must be safe, and its security must be impenetrable against the actions of malicious third parties.
  • Scalability: the network should be able to support significant volumes of transactions without a reduction in performance.
  • Decentralization: no single individual or corporation should have complete authority over the network.

For a very long time, most blockchain networks have sacrificed scalability for security and decentralization. Others have even sacrificed decentralization and security without even succeeding. Tectum is one of the very few networks that has successfully achieved security and scalability without compromise. There are also plans to ensure decentralization that will see the onboarding of trusted validators.

Future Possibilities of Blockchain Network Architectures

As outlined earlier, the Tectum TPS test will change how blockchain networks process transactions. In fact, we are projecting that more blockchain networks will strive to incorporate efficiency while boosting security. There have been previous incidents where a marketplace or ICO platform crashed due to overwhelming traffic. This presents a problem in several ways.

First, it tells hackers that such networks are susceptible to DDoS attacks. Considering this factor, the hacker will simply study the blockchain and understand its intricacies. This includes features like how information passes through the system, how much traffic it can manage, and the area where the failure begins. With this information, the cybercriminal will simply overload the network at a time when traffic is high and target the weak link. By the time the network reboots, malicious third parties have already gained access.

On the other hand, this will be a significant challenge with adoption currently on the rise. According to Forbes, only about 435 million people use cryptocurrencies. However, further studies show that the number will keep increasing. In fact, Statista predicts that the blockchain token adoption rate will grow as the number of exchanges, wallets, and businesses accepting crypto increases.

With more people entering Web3, most blockchain firms will have to adjust and offer more efficient networks or risk being left behind. People love speed, and they will not sacrifice being fast for security, especially when the competition offers both.

Tectum Fastest Blockchain Transactions: Building or Migrating Your Project to this Network

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