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Tectum Sets a New Record for the Fastest Later 1 Blockchain in the TPS Test Final Phase

In the final phase of the TPS test, Tectum broke its own record and set a new one for the fastest layer 1 blockchain in the world. The team earlier mentioned the first stage of our attempt to create history. After several weeks of planning and preparation, we successfully completed the second phase of this trial.

Tectum TPS Test Result

Following the completion of this exercise, the team will provide a detailed report of everything that happened during that exercise and the final results. More importantly, this report will also explain the difference between this test and the first phase of the trial. The aim is to showcase the potential of the Tectum blockchain beyond cryptocurrency transactions.

Report of the Tectum TPS Test Final Phase

There is no doubt about countless web3 companies (particularly startups) and the claims of having the fastest decentralized network. Despite the numerous reports, almost none of these firms have ever shown anything substantial to prove their proposition.

Tectum decided that it was necessary to stand out from the rest by proving its legitimacy as the fastest layer 1 blockchain in the world. In this regard, the team decided to livestream the entire process to ensure transparency and authenticity. This is why the session was aired on our official YouTube page.

The Tectum TPS test final phase ran for well over an hour, where the team ran over 50 million transactions through 8 nodes. Before kicking off, Russel Sean (the CEO) gave a brief introduction and explained the metrics that people should look out for.

After sharing the outline, Tectum ran 51 million transactions across 8 different nodes. These transactions were completed in less than 15 seconds, bringing the average to just over 3.5 million transactions per second. This new record broke the previous record of 1.3 million transactions per second, thereby affirming Tectum as the fastest layer 1 blockchain in the world.

At the end of the trial, the results of the Tectum TPS test are as follows:

  • Total number of transactions completed: 51,367,124
  • Time taken to complete these transactions: 14.66 seconds
  • Transaction per second speed: 3,502,702
  • Live Stream https://youtube.com/live/RZNxpaESVKY
  • Link to completed transactions:

How the Tectum TPS Test Final Phase Differs from the First Stage

While they may seem the same, there are significant differences between the first stage and the Tectum TPS test final stage. One of such variances is the form of transactions completed. This is crucial, as it emphasizes the possibility of using our blockchain for data transfers.

Instead of simply sending and receiving TET tokens, the team decided to run SoftNote transactions. SoftNote is a more robust architecture, and people can use this blockchain wallet to transfer other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Therefore, it was smarter and more realistic to use this medium as the benchmark for measurement. After all, people are not going to send on Tectum Tokens. Furthermore, the transactions passed through 8 different nodes to show how well each node can handle significant spikes in traffic.

While everyone is focusing on transaction speed, one important criterion is going unnoticed. No one seems to notice that the data infrastructure of our blockchain was able to process more than 51 million transactions without any hiccups, while most other networks would lag or collapse.

This is not a jibe at other decentralized networks, as there have been several cases of blockchains collapsing or blacking out due to voluminous traffic. In fact, some platforms are notorious for routine crashes. These disruptions can be fatal, as cybercriminals can exploit them to break security.

Anyone familiar with the internet must have heard about DDoS attacks. These are malicious attempts by hackers to breach security by disrupting the normal flow of traffic by overloading the network with information. Having a sustainable data infrastructure like the Tectum blockchain is essential in preventing such attacks.

Plans for The Future Following the Completion of This Trial

As mentioned in various Developers Corner updates, the aim is to make Bitcoin more spendable. Despite breaking our own record, Tectum remains dedicated to this course and will continue to introduce more products that will help us achieve our aim.

At the moment, our developers are adding the finishing touches to SoftNote.Cash to make it seamless and scalable. Once all updates are completed, we will issue an announcement. Upon release, users will be able to spend this crypto cash like a standard fiat note. The best part is that individuals will not have to deal with the complexities of a blockchain wallet.

Besides Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, we are also open to the possibilities of fiat currencies as well. As shown in the Tectum TPS test, our blockchain is also capable of fiat transactions. However, the focus remains on cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin.