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Tectum Developers Corner February 5th Update

Since the start of the year, Tectum has been achieving multiple milestones. Recently, we conducted the first phase of the Guinness World Record attempt. Even better, Tectum Blockchain reached the 1.3 million TPS threshold. Despite this achievement, the team is still working towards improving our ecosystem. To keep users up to date, here is the Tectum Developers Corner February 5th Update.

Tectum Developers Corner February 5th Update

Highlights of the Tectum Developers Corner February 5th Update

Since the last update, the team has channelled more efforts into the SoftNote.cash project. We have introduced proper mechanisms that will enable users to fill, burn, transfer, import, and export tokens to or from SoftNote Cash. The best part is that those who do not have wallets can simply complete any of the previously mentioned steps from the SoftNote.cash website.

This is part of our commitment to making Bitcoin more spendable. Thanks to these new developments, individuals do not have to deal with the complexities of traditional blockchain wallets. They can easily spend this crypto cash like it is a fiat currency. The .cash service now allows the user to fill, burn, transfer, export notes and work with them, as well as import them into a personal account. Instead of having to choose between having a regular bank account or crypto wallet, individuals with get the best of both worlds.

Another essential highlight of the Tectum Developers Corner February 5th Update is the improvements to the staking mechanism. Our dev team has updated the payouts of staking rewards to match the correct figures. Following this update, individuals will always receive the correct amount in return for locking their tokens in smart contracts.

Speaking of staking, Tectum has also fixed all the errors associated with locking tokens and users’ personal accounts. The team has refactored all the services responsible for these mechanisms. Think of it like restarting your device after making changes.

We have also opened migration and are monitoring for the availability of all token payments to users. Meanwhile, there is adequate technical support on standby in case anyone is having difficulties accessing any of the products in the Tectum ecosystem. Do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

The Tectum Chinese New Year Giveaway

In the spirit of the Chinese New Year, Tectum is giving out a 10 Red BTC SoftNote to lucky members of our community. From the 6th to the 20th of February, some lucky persons will win one of ten BTCSn. Individuals from this Asian country are a significant part of our community, and we want to recognize and celebrate with them.

This giveaway is an opportunity to win and gift a SoftNote Bill to your friends and family as a representation of the Red Envelope. You can read our article on preserving tradition to build the future to learn more.

Interested persons can get this virtual item by following these simple steps: