Tectum Live TPS World Record Event Set for February 5th - Tectum Blockchain

Tectum Live TPS World Record Event Set for February 5th

Join us for the Tectum Blockchain Speed Test: Phase 1 LIVE! 

Today, we’re kicking off the first stage, exploring Tectum’s blazing speed and efficiency.

What to Expect:

 • Transaction Velocity: Watch as we push Tectum to its limits with a series of rapid transactions.

 • Block comparison: We’ll meticulously analyze and compare the individual blocks from each node

Date: 2024.02.05

Time: 5 pm UTC

Where: https://youtube.com/live/A5uPxzwOuWA

Tectum is set to hold a live TPS world record event as it attempts to certify its position as the fastest blockchain in the world. Members of our community who have been using the T12 protocol can affirm the speed and efficiency of this layer 1 blockchain. While there is practical proof via application that our decentralized network is fast, it is not an official record.

It implies that Tectum is not yet officially the fastest blockchain in the record books. This is despite the fact that Testnet and Mainnet have been running a capacity of 1.3 million transactions per year. Considering this factor, the team decided to make the record formally recognized. The aim is to break the existing record and get into the Guinness World Books.

Details of the Tectum Live TPS World Record Event

The Tectum Live TPS World Record Event will begin by 12 PM UTC on the 2nd of February. This exercise will take place via the Tectum YouTube page via a live stream. Everyone can join this open event, which will be aired live as the tests take place.

Before holding the transaction per second record, the team studied the guidelines for attempting to set or break records. Part of the requirements include having very transparent and measurable outcomes as evident. In addition, there must be independent witnesses to affirm that the exercise indeed took place and the result is indeed valid.

Over the duration of the event, Tectum Blockchain will be subject to several stress tests. We will try to complete as many transactions as possible to ascertain if the network can complete up to 1.3 million transactions per hour.

The number of blocks added to a chain determines the actual speed of decentralized networks. This feature proves finality and affirms that the transaction is registered on the network. Therefore, we are aiming to add up to 1.3 million blocks to the blockchain in one second without any congestion or lag.

Importance of this Live Event

Transaction per second has become more of a marketing strategy for most blockchain projects in recent times. It is no longer surprising to hear startups calling figures with no proper claim. Several times in the past, Tectum has stated that it is the fastest blockchain in the world. Furthermore, the team even explained how our network can attain a speed of 1.3 million transactions per second.

In addition to outlining how our infrastructure works, the application, and products in use are also a testament to the efficiency of our blockchain. However, the absence of proper recognition means that certain critics will still muddle up the T12 protocol with other networks.

The Tectum Live TPS World Record Event will certify our blockchain as the fastest. Securing the world record will prove that our claim is legit and it is more than a mere marketing strategy. An audit by Cyberscope already certifies that the smart contract governing the network is very secure.

This event will reassure our community members of our legitimacy. It will also lure interested stakeholders to adopt Tectum blockchain as the foundation for their data architecture. The benefits are limitless.