Tectum Passes Cyberscope Audit (& GitHub)

Tectum's TET Token Smart Contract Passes Cyberscope Audit

Tectum Passes Cyberscope Audit: A Major Milestone

Big news in the blockchain community: Tectum’s TET ERC-20 token smart contract audit has just come back with no critical issues, Tectum Passes Cyberscope Audit! This huge milestone bolsters Tectum’s mission to revolutionize the global economy with its fast and secure blockchain technology.

Introducing SoftNote: Fast and Secure Transactions

Tectum’s SoftNote payment system, powered by the world’s fastest blockchain, enables users to send Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instantly and at zero fees. However, with any new technology, security is always a top concern. To address this, Tectum sought the expertise of cybersecurity company Cyberscope for an audit of their TET ERC-20 token smart contract.

Audit Results: Trust and Security

After weeks of diligent work, the audit report is in, and it’s all good news for Tectum. The report found no critical issues with the smart contract, ensuring users can trust conversion from native TET (T12) to ERC-20.

You can find a link to the audit results and our previous KYC here:

  1. Tectum’s TET Token Audit: Coinscope Results
  2. Tectum’s TET Token Audit: GitHub Results


Building Trust in the Blockchain Community

This news brings relief to the team and the entire blockchain community. Security is a significant challenge for blockchain technology adoption, and audits like this one play a crucial role in building trust. By selecting a reputable company like Cyberscope, Tectum showcases its commitment to transparency and security. This choice will likely result in increased adoption of their technology.

Benefits of the Audit

  1. The audit’s success builds trust in Tectum’s technology.
  2. SoftNote users can enjoy fast, secure transactions without concerns about their TET assets’ security.
  3. Companies can confidently use SoftNote for financial transactions, knowing their data and assets are protected.
  4. The audit’s success enables continued innovation in the blockchain world, with community support and trustworthy cybersecurity company backing.

A Call to Action for Blockchain Companies

This audit report represents a significant victory for the entire blockchain community. It serves as a reminder that security is vital in the blockchain world, and audits like this one are essential for building trust in new technologies. Furthermore, it encourages other blockchain companies to prioritize security and transparency in their projects.

The Future of Tectum and SoftNote

Following the audit’s success, Tectum is poised to progress in the blockchain and finance sectors. Their SoftNote payment system holds the potential to revolutionize financial transactions, and the successful audit reaffirms Tectum’s trajectory.

Celebrating Success and Looking Forward

Let’s celebrate this breaking news and our audit’s success. Let’s seize this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to security and transparency in the blockchain world. Finally, let’s eagerly anticipate what’s next for Tectum, SoftNote, and the thrilling future of blockchain technology.