Why is Tectum the Fastest Blockchain?

Why Tectum is the Fastest Blockchain?

Tectum: Fastest Blockchain

Achieving Speed and Scalability

The Tectum blockchain network efficiently handles 1.3 million transactions per second. Advanced technology and innovative design enable Tectum to process transactions securely and quickly.


3-Tier Architecture: A Key Factor

The speed of Tectum relies on its 3-tier architecture:

  1. Transaction Stack Formation: The first tier forms a transaction stack by numbering transactions end-to-end, received from master nodes. It then produces a sequence of hashes to create a stack of blocks.
  2. Transaction Distribution: The second tier distributes the transaction stack across the network.
  3. Decentralized Database: The third tier stores client files, system files, public files, and IP-related files in a decentralized database.

Proof of Utility: A Unique Consensus Algorithm

Tectum’s consensus algorithm, Proof of Utility, also contributes to its speed. It differs from Proof of Work and Proof of Stake as it doesn’t rely on miners for transaction validation. Instead:

  • The “Lottery” principle entrusts consensus responsibility to a random node using a proprietary True-Random Number Generator.
  • Every node has a fair chance to become a master node.
  • Elected master nodes form a pool, running a “Game” voting algorithm to elect an Elect Node.
  • The Elect Node creates a block chain with all events from master nodes and sends it back to the network.

Proprietary NoSQL Search Engine

Tectum uses a proprietary NoSQL search engine to find and retrieve ledger information quickly without scanning the entire blockchain. This feature helps Tectum process transactions faster than other networks using traditional databases.

Decentralized Storage Service

Tectum’s decentralized storage service adds security and reliability for sensitive data. The file hash signature and location address get written to the decentralized storage chain. Files are stored in unrelated server locations, with public access and optional encryption.


The Tectum blockchain achieves a speed of 1.3 million transactions per second due to advanced technology, innovative design, and efficient consensus algorithms. The network is secure, scalable, and fast, offering a robust platform for businesses and organizations to store and process their data securely. More in the Tectum Whitepaper.

Why Tectum is the Fastest Blockchain?: Speed




  • Tectum blockchain: highly efficient, fast, 1.3 million transactions per second

  • Speed and scalability are achieved through advanced technology and innovative design

  • 3-tier architecture:

    1. Forms stack of transactions using end-to-end numbering and sequence of hashes
    2. Distributes transaction stack throughout the network
    3. Decentralized database stores client, system, public, and IP-related files
  • Consensus algorithm: Proof of Utility

    • The lottery principle selects random nodes for consensus
    • Master nodes pool runs a Game voting algorithm to elect Elect Node
    • Elect Node creates a chain of blocks with all events from master nodes
  • Proprietary NoSQL search engine for quick data retrieval

  • Decentralized storage service for additional security and reliability

  • Access to files is public and can be encrypted if desired