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Tectum 101: Understanding The Fastest Layer 1 Blockchain and its Dynamic Ecosystem

On several occasions, Tectum has shared insights on different products of our ecosystem. A good example is the SoftNote 101, where the team broke down this innovation in detail. However, there are numerous other products within our ecosystem besides SoftNote Bills. Therefore, Tectum 101 will give everyone a wholesome overview of the applications they can benefit from.

As mentioned in the announcement of the Crypto Banter partnership, we want to simplify the applications in our ecosystems. This will be such that the average person can understand the benefits of using these products. The reason is that individuals will only subscribe to and use what they understand.

Tectum 101: Products and Applications in this Ecosystem

Tectum’s ecosystem contains many products with everyday use cases that are beneficial to the average person. These applications offer efficient and futuristic solutions that the average person can benefit from. Therefore, this article will highlight and simplify each of them to potential and current users.

Tectum Blockchain – The World’s Fastest Layer 1 Blockchain

We have to begin with Tectum – the fastest layer 1 blockchain in the world that can process up to 1.3 million transactions per second. While its speed is one of its benefits, the best part about this centralized network is its efficiency. In fact, there are several beneficial features that users will learn about this blockchain in Tectum 101.

Tectum blockchain uses the Proof of Utility (PoU) consensus that allocates transactions to nodes according to their integrity. Think of it like a credit system, where those with a higher credit score get better opportunities and rewards. Therefore, node operators (similar to miners) must maintain their credibility in order to get authorization to process transactions.

In addition., the network processes transactions in two layers to avoid traffic. There is a master node that processes data and does the “heavy lifting” and an upper level that communicates with hashes. For a better understanding, think of it as moving into an apartment. Instead of waiting behind those carrying a big chair into the house while holding a small bag, you can simply pass it through the window.

Most blockchains tend to process transaction data while authorizing the addition of a new block via the same node levels. Alternatively, Tectum uses three node levels in addition to the PoU consensus to ensure more efficiency. This is the best example of “division of labor” you may ever see.

The best part of the Tectum blockchain is that it guarantees privacy – utmost privacy. It utilizes the zero-knowledge proof mechanism that processes transactions without having to share private information with the authorizer (or node operator) in this case. Not even staff members at this company can access these private details.

While the Tectum blockchain is popular for cryptocurrency transactions, there is more to this network than just sending and receiving tokens. This blockchain is compatible with smart contracts, so users can mint and store NFTs on it. Like with Bitcoin transactions, the cost of sending and receiving NFTs is unbelievably affordable.

In addition, corporations can also integrate their data architecture into this decentralized network for better efficiency and security. The reason is that Tectum is compatible with centralized or traditional systems.

Tectum Explorer – Transparency and Privacy Molded into One

To ensure that we operate a very transparent business, Tectum has a block explorer for its blockchain. This ledger is open to the public, and everyone can confirm details of transactions or when blocks are added to the chain.

In line with our principle of maintaining privacy, only the necessary details are available on the explorer. Only information like the amount sent, fees, and the amount received is available. No one can ascertain your account information from the explorer.

Tectum Emission Token ($TET) – The Cryptocurrency Powering this Dynamic Ecosystem

An essential part of Tectum 101 is the mechanism powering this dynamic ecosystem – $TET. Tectum Emission Token is the native cryptocurrency of this blockchain. Think of it as the fuel or nuclear power that ensures the blockchain and other applications in the ecosystem function optimally.

Individuals and corporations who want to operate a node and process transactions must hold a significant amount of $TET. In addition, they will also earn Tectum Tokens as rewards for every transaction that they authenticate.

This demand also applies to merchants and those who want to mint SoftNote Bills. Merchants who accept SoftNote as a form of payment will also hold an agreed amount of $TET. More importantly, $TET is a store of value and a great form of investment.

Since its Initial Coin Offering, the token has risen to multiple times its value. Like every other cryptocurrency, Tectum Token is a secure form of exchange. Unlike fiat, it is not prone to inflation. As shown above, it has excellent use cases that will guarantee its value.

Tectum SoftNote Bills – The Most Efficient Way to Make a Bitcoin Payment

This overview (Tectum 101) also includes one of the biggest applications on our blockchain – Tectum SoftNote Bills. They are the smartest way to send and spend Bitcoin. Tectum blockchain has the cheapest network fee, with users paying less than 2% of the worth of Bitcoin they send. This is a steal when compared to the standard Bitcoin network. A recent example is the report from Whale Alert showing that someone paid more than $170,000 in gas fees when sending just over 4 $BTC to a recipient. This means that the receiver only got 50% of what was sent.

Tectum SoftNote Bills integrates the T12 protocol to enable people to send BTC, ETH, USDT, and TRX for free via the T12 protocol. For those who do not understand, T12 is the token standard for sending cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. These Bills work like mini-wallets to function efficiently. People then change ownership of SoftNote to make payments. SoftNote Bills come in various packs and values, making it easy for anyone to make a Bitcoin payment.

The receiver scans the QR Code of the sender to initiate the transfer. After scanning the QR Code, the receiver will require a unique code from the sender to authenticate the transactions. Once the recipient gets the funds or digital assets, the system automatically changes the unique code. This is to ensure that the previous owner no longer has access, and the process repeats itself for every transaction cycle.

SoftNote Cash – Crypto Cash You Can Use Anywhere

While SoftNote Bills are excellent, the team wanted to scale them for usage without the need for smartphones. The product would be so seamless that the average person can use it without fuss. To make this possible, the team decided to create physical copies of SoftNote Bills that would work like regular fiat currencies.

Termed “Crypto Cash,” SoftNote Cash is a printed-out version of SoftNote Bills. People can fill them with liquidity like they will do with a regular SoftNote. They can also burn existing crypto cash to reclaim the cryptocurrency stored in it. Think of SoftNote Bills as the digital version and SoftNote Cash as the physical version.

While they may seem different, these products work very similarly. The receiver scans the QR Code printed on the SoftNote Cash and authenticates it with the secret code. Since only the sender has the secret code, a criminal or malicious person cannot use the crypto cash even after obtaining its printed form.

To further ensure safety, Tectum created a SoftNote.Cash website where users can manage their SoftNote Cash without needing to deal with the complexities of a blockchain wallet. People can simply use simple information like the number of the SoftNote to manage their portfolio. This is the best of having fiat currency and crypto without any of the disadvantages of either of them.

SoftNote Wallet – Secure Wallet That Gives Users 100% Ownership and Control of their Assets

To enable users to store and manage their digital assets safely, Tectum also has its native wallet. This is an all-encompassing platform where people can store and access all their cryptocurrencies.  It is one of the most expansive wallets available on the internet. Users can send or receive tokens using their Tectum ID and email address alongside their public key. This reduces the chances of making a mistake and prevents people from suddenly losing money.

It has sections for storing crypto, managing SoftNote (Bills or Cash), and staked tokens. This means that users do not have to create several accounts on numerous platforms for diverse functions. They can simply use the navigation menu to access these functions with ease. This significantly reduces the security risks associated with having multiple accounts and passwords.

Furthermore, the SoftNote Wallet is perfect for merchants who use Tectum SoftNote Bills as a payment method. They can register their businesses on this platform and issue invoices to customers. The system is designed such that SoftNote Bills can easily be linked to blockchain wallets, like with a Point-on-Sale at a restaurant or supermarket.

The payment section enables users to make or request payment from and to anyone. This means that business owners can direct their customers or stakeholders to issue the funds to someone else. Simply enter the Tectum ID or email address of the recipient (whether it is yours or someone else), the type of cryptocurrency, and the amount to be paid. In a reverse case, simply enter the email or Tectum ID of the recipient, the type of token to be sent, and the equivalent amount or value.

SoftNote Ordinals – The Most Efficient Bitcoin Ordinal Solution

Earlier, while discussing the Tectum 101 overview, we mentioned that Tectum – the fastest layer 1 blockchain is compatible with smart contracts. This implies that people can mint and store NFTs on it. Well, there is already an NFT existing on the Tectum blockchain – SoftNote Ordinals. I bet many of you do not know that BTC has its own form of non-fungible token.

Bitcoin Ordinals are non-fungible tokens obtained by adding images, videos, or data to a Satoshi – the smallest unit of a Bitcoin. While they are not minted exclusively like Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, or Binance Smart Chain NFTs, they are still non-fungible and cannot be replicated. How come BTC NFTs are not popular? Well, it is because they are too expensive to own and people do not really own them.

It typically costs $8,000 for 1 megabyte of data in a Satoshi, and people can get up to 4 megabytes to store data. This means that only those with a steep $32,000 to spare can get a Bitcoin NFT. Oh, that’s not all. People can lose their data after spending that much money. The reason is that the BTC network allows someone else to overwrite whatever data you have stored on the Satoshi and input theirs. Then the crazy cycle continues.

Since Tectum is on a mission to revitalize how people access, utilize, and perceive Bitcoin, it was only wise that we created a solution for Bitcoin Ordinals. SoftNote Ordinals is the cheaper and more effective solution to the problems facing traditional BTC Ordinals. It costs less than $2 ($1.96 to be exact) for 1 megabyte of data on a Satoshi. This means that it will only cost $7.84 to create your own SoftNote Bitcoin Ordinal.

Tectum is working towards boosting the image of Bitcoin Ordinals by creating a feasible solution. In addition, we have entered into a partnership with Ordiswap Labs to improve the architecture supporting this technology. There will also be several marketing and promotional activities. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled out for something very promising.

SoftNote Merchants – The Unsung Heroes of the Tectum 101 Ecosystem

While discussing the SoftNote Wallet, this article mentioned SoftNote Merchants. For starters, these are individuals and not products. However, their impact is significant and Tectum considers them an important part of the ecosystem. Hence, their inclusion in this Tectum 101 overview.

Merchants are business owners who incorporate SoftNote Bills as a payment method. To support these businesses, Tectum offers them a discount on not having to pay fees for the first 12 months. Therefore, they get to avoid additional costs while still getting acquainted with the payment solution.

Speaking of fees, Tectum has the cheapest commission on payments of 1%. The closest to this is offered by VISA, which charges merchants as much as 3.5% on payments that they receive.

Besides waiving the fees for the first 12 months, there are several incentives for using SoftNote Bills as a payment method. Merchants also get free advertising on all Tectum channels to help them gain more traction. Tectum also provides a free EPOS mobile app so that they can easily accept payments from customers. E-commerce and physical businesses with their own website or online store will get a free website payment gateway plugin that they can integrate as a form of payment method.

X-Factor Authenticator – Fort Knox Level Security

Since the development of value systems, security has become a major concern for everyone. From the days of horsemen robbing poorly-guarded banks of millions to pickpockets stealing your Rolex off your wrist. Thanks to the advent of computers, safety threats have taken a different turn, and people have to be more proactive in order to avoid falling victim.

With almost every aspect of human life now operating online, cybercriminals do not have to be physically present to steal from their victims. There are several ways through which they can exploit protective measures and access people’s personal and financial information. The most common method is to target an individual and use that person as a backdoor into the system.

To combat this threat, Tectum designed the X-Factor that utilized a Dual Tone Multi-frequency (DTMF) fallback protection. This system protects encryption codes, QR codes and one-time passcodes from hackers. Using this security measure enables people to privately and safely access their accounts from anywhere in the world. XFA is so safe that not even a server crash or breakdown in the system puts users at risk.

Tectum Labs 101 – Incubate and Grow Your Project on the Most Secure and Fastest Layer 1 Blockchain

Tectum is also open to helping blockchain start-ups and existing project scale growth. There are several developers and designers with excellent ideas but lack the necessary support to properly execute them. Recognizing this gap, the team decided to fill it by allowing interested founders to grow.

These individuals will build their project on Tectum – the most secure and fastest layer 1 blockchain. Our network is expansive, meaning that you can build just about anything on it, from dApps and NFTs to cryptocurrencies and other products. They will receive the required technical and material support from the team. Our developers are willing to help them integrate their ideas into our blockchain.

Existing projects that want a very efficient solution can migrate their products to our blockchain. Tectum blockchain is particularly beneficial to companies that offer microservices, like GameFi startups, who will benefit the most from our zero gas fee feature. This means that they do not have to spend lump sums every time that they send players rewards. Instead, they will only pay a 1% commission on payments they receive.

Tectum 101: How to Become Part of this Dynamic Ecosystem

As shown via the Tectum 101 overview above, this ecosystem has several applications. In this regard, it offers several entry points through which people can become stakeholders. Here are several ways to become a stakeholder and part of the Tectum ecosystem:

  • Buying $TET: you can purchase Tectum Emission Tokens from these cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Become a Validator: stake the required amount of $TET to become a node validator. You can also join the ongoing $TET staking exercise and earn 20% profit.
  • Get SoftNote Ordinals: Get your own Bitcoin NFT for less than $8 when you use SoftNote. Visit the SoftNote Ordinals page to learn more.
  • Become a SoftNote Merchant: scale your business by incorporating SoftNote to enable you to sell to people around the world. Learn how you can use crypto solutions for business.
  • Mint, Fill and  Use SoftNote: you can also mint, fill and use Tectum SoftNote Bills directly from your SoftNote Wallet. You can also get SoftNote Cash to enable you to use this crypto cash offline.
  • Join Tectum Labs: Do you have an idea that will make a difference and disrupt industries? Then Tectum Labs is the place for you. Existing Web2 and Web3 project can also migrate their data architecture to the Tectum blockchain.

Besides these measures outlined above, Tectum is also open to collaborating with prospective media and business partners. Contact us today and share your ideas.