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Beyond Transactions: Tectum’s Holistic Approach to Blockchain Solutions

It is no longer news that Tectum’s applications are the most efficient blockchain solutions. However, most people tend to focus on the capacity of our network to process cryptocurrency transfers. However, there is more to the fastest layer 1 blockchain than transactions per second.

Tectum's Blockchain Solutions

Many individuals focus on our decentralized network’s transfer speed and fail to see the bigger picture. In fact, this blockchain’s transaction per second capacity is a component of the more significant machine. This article will help people see Tectum beyond the speed at which it sends and receives Bitcoin.

Tectum’s Blockchain Solutions – Understanding The Importance of Speed

Everyone most likely knows that Tectum broke the record for the fastest layer 1 blockchain in the TPS test final phase. However, we do not intend to repeat the same story of how Tectum achieved the feat of processing 51+ million transactions at the rate of 3.5 million transactions per second. Instead, we are trying to understand why speed is important.

Why is the pace at which blockchain networks complete transactions essential? Is Tectum just focused on the bragging rights of being the fastest?

Some of the reasons include the following:

Impeccable User Experience

This is the most obvious benefit of having a speedy network. With a faster blockchain, people will enjoy sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. For a better understanding, think of it as using your phone.

A slow phone with a poor processor is terrible and limits what the user can do with it. You must wait a few seconds for the phone to respond to command prompts. The lagging phone causes the battery to drain faster, even when you are getting less done.

Slow blockchain networks are no different from having a laggy phone. Transactions typically take longer than they should and will even cost more. Have you ever received funds in your wallet, but had to wait because the network was still confirming the transaction? Worse still, you may not receive the crypto because of network congestion.

An efficient network is far more responsive and processes data transfers almost instantly. Therefore, the user experience is seamless and people do not have to worry about network traffic congestion. The best part about Tectum’s blockchain solution is that people do not have to pay more to enjoy a more efficient service delivery.

Diverse Blockchain Applications

One aspect of the speed of Tectum’s blockchain is the diversity of applications and solutions that it can support. One of the criticisms of the Bitcoin network is that it is not scalable. But, what does this mean, and why is it a big deal?

For a better understanding, think of blockchain transactions as data transfers. If the architecture is not equipped to process information at an efficient pace, it becomes unsuitable for certain use cases. The reason is that information systems must attain a level of efficiency for institutional adoption.

Imagine working on a project with a system that operates similarly to the BTC network. You can only transfer 7 pieces of information per second. In addition, it takes between 10 and 60 minutes to confirm each transaction. It is just like a bank will take a specific period to cash or confirm a check.

To put things into perspective, imagine working on a group project. You can only make 7 changes to the document at a time. Worse still, other people in the group must wait for 10–60 minutes before seeing the changes you made.

Building any significant data infrastructure on this type of network can result in mishaps. One of the most common ones is congestion and delays in data transfers. There are cases of total network collapse because the traffic was overwhelming. Such incidents expose the system to cyberattacks and exploitations from hackers.

Tectum’s blockchain solutions process 3.5 million transactions per second and confirm data transfers in seconds. This implies it can support almost every application or data infrastructure without hiccups.

Tectum’s Blockchain Solutions: Efficiency Without Compromising Security

While discussing the importance of speed, we highlighted the importance of having a secure data infrastructure. This shows that Tectum’s blockchain solutions incorporate user safety as one of its core principles. Our network is not just about being the fastest layer 1 blockchain.

It has become common practice for decentralized networks to sacrifice security while trying to become faster. You can read about the blockchain trilemma and how Web3 firms navigate all three key principles.

Think of it as building a supercar or hypercar that can accelerate and reach higher speed limits. Most companies make the vehicle lighter and change the design to reduce the weight and improve the aerodynamics. Some of these automobile companies may neglect certain safety features to enhance performance.

This is not the case with Tectum, as we do not sacrifice security to improve efficiency. Instead, we developed a system that fully protects and serves people well. Even better, the team goes further to ensure privacy and security. Therefore, users are not just safe from harm, nobody can see them as suitable targets.

One good example is the amount of information we store on the Block Explorer. Nobody can ascertain who sent what by looking at the transaction details on the Explorer.

SoftNote Users must complete multiple authentication procedures to access their account. This ensures that no one else can steal the tokens from their wallet. Despite these safety measures in place, Tectum is constantly studying security trends and adding extra protection layers.

Utilizing and Integrating Tectum’s Blockchain Solutions into New and Existing Projects

As shown above, there is more to Tectum’s blockchain solutions than cryptocurrency transactions. Tectum Labs is a testament to the diverse applications and infrastructures developers can build on the fastest blockchain. For example, the team onboarded the Three Protocol project into Tectum Labs.

If you want to build on or incorporate an existing project into the Tectum blockchain, read the Tectum Labs article. It has all the necessary information developers need to understand before applying. It also increases your chances of success.

In addition, Tectum is not just about blockchain and cryptocurrency software development. Crispmind is an intellectual property and software development firm with a history of creating simple and effective solutions for businesses, organizations, and governmental institutions.

Do you want to build a futuristic project? Contact us today for the most efficient and seamless results.