Tectum Developers Corner December 11th Update - Tectum Blockchain

Tectum Developers Corner December 11th Update

Tectum issues the Developers Corner December 11th Update. In this edition of the backend series, we will be discussing recent milestones that are in the works. Meanwhile, the scalability of SoftNote Bills constitutes a majority of this patch note. In addition, we also have something planned for users who prefer accessing their wallets via mobile phones.

Ongoing Tectum Contests and Giveaways

Before delving into the update proper, Tectum is using this opportunity to remind members that they can still earn rewards this holiday season. To help users celebrate Christmas, the team is organizing several promotions to grant lucky participants with cash incentives.

The first exercise is a Tectum writing contest that is on till the 25th of December. Interested participants simply need to exhibit their knowledge of the ecosystem in writing. There is a prize pool of $1,000 to be distributed to 8 people. To balance the playing field, we are also providing materials that contestants can read through to learn about the project.

In addition to the writing contest, we also have the Tectum Holiday Quest. This is a very simple competition where people assemble a SoftNote puzzle and claim the tokens on that bill. From the 7th till the 18th of December, a piece of the SoftNote Bill be hidden in different places. The winner must assemble and use its QR code, serial number and secret code to import it.

Highlights of the Tectum Developers Corner December 11th Update

The team is enabling commission-free transactions by preparing green bills. With these bills available in the .cash mode, users will enjoy even more efficient transactions. In addition, the developers are adding functions to enable anyone to fill and burn these bills.  Individuals will no longer have to wait for merchants or Tectum to add liquidity or dispose of green bills.

Besides the green bills, Tectum is equally introducing the burn function to the blue bills. Anyone holding these units of SoftNote can now burn it to reclaim the liquidity it contains. This means that they no longer have to wait on a merchant or a receiver who wants to purchase it.

To make this possible, Tectum is automizing the upload function as a txt file during acceptance of SoftNote Bill in .cash mode. We are also automizing the upload function for zip archives during the burn function in .cash mode.

One of the most exciting highlights of the Tectum Developers Corner December 11th Update is the development of mobile devices. We are extensively working towards ensuring that everyone who uses mobile phones to access their SoftNote Wallet enjoys the best interface. The team has identified and fixed bugs that have been inhibiting mobile access. This update will roll out in a few days, and there will be an announcement to this effect.

To accompany more optimized mobile access, the developers are refactoring the passport. This will increase speed and ensure efficiency while maintaining stability. The aim is to reduce glitches and issues that may lead to downtime as much as possible.