Developers Corner November 27th Update - Tectum Blockchain

Developers Corner November 27th Update

Tectum is bringing the Developers Corner November 27th Update to keep members of our community in the loop. For those who are not aware, the T12 Protocol is now integrated into Metamask. Therefore, users can now send Bitcoin for free when they use the fastest blockchain network. Everyone who transacts via our network enjoys complete on-chain privacy. There is also a detailed tutorial on how to integrate Tectum Blockchain into Metamask Wallet.

Highlights of the Developers Corner November 27th Update

Since completing the Metamask integration, Tectum has been achieving several milestones in our bid to create easier ways to make a Bitcoin payment. One of the highlights includes refreshing the SoftNote database. Over the past weeks, our engineers have made significant changes to our network. For example, there have been numerous upgrades to the server security. This was done in line with the current security trends.

In addition, our developers have also improved the technical specifications for the back office. This includes improving the protocols responsible for certain automation. Going forward, there will be far fewer glitches than before. By refreshing the database, the team is ensuring that individuals who have a wallet can access these features. In turn, this will significantly improve user experience.

As part of the improvements to our ecosystem, there will be various updates to the and websites. Since the last modification, the team has been collecting feedback from users about their experience. We will be using this information as the framework for development when effecting changes to the website.

Tectum has integrated rendering for the newly released SoftNote Bitcoin Ordinals. Earlier in November, we launched the SoftNote Ordinals on the T12 protocol to enable everyone to obtain a “Bitcoin NFT” at an affordable price. To enable people to properly customize the information to add to a Satoshi block, our developers have integrated 2D and 3D images.

Meanwhile, we are effecting upgrades to the Vault and Epos designs. In addition, Tectum is updating the tech support for the Q&A to make the system will be highly optimal. Furthermore, we are refactoring the MobX service to improve its performance.

SoftNote Cash Update

We stated in a prior edition of the Developers Corner about the SoftNote Cash project. Tectum is proud to announce that a significant aspect of development is well underway with this project. At the time of this update, Proof of Balance, Import, and Export features have been added to the interface. These properties will play a significant role when people use SoftNote Cash.

To ensure that the product is optimal and ready, SoftNote is fixing various bugs within the .cash project. This ensures that users have very minimal issues when utilizing this product.

Upcoming Listing

As mentioned earlier, Tectum Emission Tokens ($TET) and Bitcoin SoftNote  (BTCsn) will be listed on the Exchange. This is part of our mission to extend a lending hand to users in Turkey who want to protect their assets from inflation.  Following this listing, we will be rolling out plans to enable merchants in Turkey to maintain operations and even scale growth.