Developers Corner October 31st to November 13th Update - Tectum Blockchain

Developers Corner October 31st to November 13th Update

Tectum issues the Developers Corner November 13th update to keep users in the loop on the background works that are ongoing. In the October 31st Update, we outlined plans for SoftNote Cash – a project that will create more efficient ways to make a Bitcoin payment. The aim is to enable people to spend cryptocurrencies as simple as they will use fiat.

In addition, we also informed our community members of the progress we have reached with integrating the T12 protocol into Metamask. We understand that users of this noncustodial wallet want to send Bitcoin for zero gas fees, but there are essential steps we must meticulously complete. This update also outlines the level of progress on this particular project.

Security Measures Developers Corner November 13th Update

The team is working towards improving the user interface on Tectum Wallet. To ensure a better experience, we are fixing errors and removing non-working functions and unnecessary elements. Our developers are also rewriting the personal account on RTOK to effect these changes. Once these unnecessary features are removed, individuals will have a more efficient medium of storing and transferring their cryptocurrencies.

Tectum is also interacting with DDOS attacks to understand the current trends of cybersecurity threats. The reason is that the team is working towards improving the security of our servers. We understand that there will be attempted attacks on blockchain projects as the value of tokens is increasing, and are taking the necessary preventive measures. In addition, we are migrating our legacy services to very protected servers to reduce vulnerabilities.

In no time, Tectum will be integrating budding projects into Tectum Labs for incubation. We are currently developing the environment through which we will be grooming interested Web3 startups to scale growth. Once this step is complete, the team will roll out plans and details procedures through which interested budding firms can participate.

Metamask Integration, Service Cash and Other Partner-Related Updates

Besides in-house efforts, the Tectum Developers Corner November 13th update also includes joint efforts with partner organizations. One of the highlights is the integration of T12 into Metamask. At the time of this press release, the team is conducting various network tests on the Metamask wallet. This will enable us to ascertain that members can seamlessly use our blockchain on this popular noncustodial wallet and identify any area of improvement.

In addition to the Metamask testing, Tectum is developing the node for and working towards the launch of The description of ToR for back-office creation and documentation inside Confluence is also underway.