Join the Tectum Writing Contest and Giveaway to Win From The $1,200 in ETH Prize Pool - Tectum Blockchain

Join the Tectum Writing Contest and Giveaway to Win From The $1,200 in ETH Prize Pool

Tectum is proud to announce the launch of its Writing Contest. This is an opportunity for interested people to learn about our ecosystem and arm themselves against FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). Even better, everyone who shows their understanding of the project will receive rewards. The team is setting aside up to 1,200 worth of USDC as prizes for participants.

Tectum Writing Contest

What is the Tectum Writing Contest?

As the name states, the Tectum Writing Contest is a competition where different individuals put their knowledge of the project into words and get rewarded. Tectum is partnering with Publix0x to organize this competition. Everyone who wants to join has between the 4th and the 25th of December to submit their drafts.

The aim of giving participants a long duration to submit their entries is to give everyone ample opportunity. This is such that even those who are not very familiar with our ecosystem can learn, write, and put in their submission. There are various educational materials that people can access to learn about our ecosystem. They include the Crispmind Website, Tectum WebsiteSoftNote Website, Blog, Medium Page, and CMC Community Page.

A few weeks after the contest ends, SoftNote will share the $1,200 prizes with several individuals based on the following criteria:

  • 8 – 20 people will share $1,100, depending on the quality of their publication and the number of participants.
  • Authors who did not receive any other award will get $50 reward.

How to Participate in This Competition

Anyone who is familiar with Publish0x will not have any challenges participating in the Tectum writing contest. However, this section will guide users who are using this content platform for the first time.

Visit the Publish0x website

Click on “Sign Up” If You Do Not Have an Existing Account

Tectum Writing Contest

Enter Your Email Address and Password

Tectum Writing Contest

Verify Your Email

Tectum Writing Contest

Set up Your Profile

Tectum Writing Contest

Login to Your Account

Tectum Writing Contest

Apply to Become an Author

Tectum Writing Contest

Fill Out the Author Application Form

If your application is successful, you will receive a confirmation mail from Publish0x.

For ideas, here are some topics that people can write about:

  • How Softnote can help society and how it solves the problems of other networks and tokens.
  • T12 protocol: the main benefits and unique selling points
  • SoftNote Ordinals – what to expect from them?
  • Crypto User Privacy – Why SoftNote is the Solution for On-Chain Anonymity?
  • Digital Payment Security With Tectum SoftNote.
  • SoftNote Bills: Electrifying Bitcoin for Payments.

Rules for Participating in the Tectum Writing Contest

There are certain guidelines that individuals must abide by when participating in this competition. These rules are different from the general Publish0x terms and conditions. Failure to follow these regulations can cause individuals the chance of wining.

They include the following:

  • Submit your original (and not copy-pasted, reworded, translated, transcribed, or AI-written) post published on (you can embed your video from YouTube) between today and Monday, December 25th, 2023.
  • Use the tag SoftNote on your post (without the “#”, you cannot use “#” when using tags for your posts on Publish0x).
  • By submitting a post in this contest, you give SoftNote the right to reuse (republish) the content or parts of content on another website.

Tectum Mini Twitter Giveaway

In addition to the Tectum writing contest, we are also having a mini Twitter giveaway. The team is sharing $50 worth of #ETH between 10 lucky users. Interested persons must complete the challenge by Monday the 5th of December 2023.

To participate, users must

Note: To be eligible, users must have at least 20 followers, and the Twitter account must be a month old or more.