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Join Tectum at the IBW 23 Conference

Tectum is inviting community members, tech enthusiasts, and other interested individuals to the IBW 23 Conference. This event is part of the India Blockchain Week – an inaugural world-class, pan-industry, and multichain web3 conference. Blockchain is bringing better economic opportunities to Indians through this event.

IBW 23 Conference

Speakers include some of the biggest names in Web3, who will discuss various issues in the decentralized ecosystem and how Indians can benefit. The list includes the following:

  • Vitalik Buterin – Ethereum Co-Founder
  • Sebastian Borget – The Sandbox Co-Founder
  • Jayant Sinha – India’s Government Parliament’s Standing Committee of Finance
  • Mo Shaikh – Aptos Co-Founder and CEO
  • Emin Gun Sirer – Ava Labs Co-Founder
  • Sandeep Nailwal – Polygon Co-Founder
  • Rene Reinsberg – Celo Co-Founder
  • Dr. Kang Li – Certik Chief Security Officer
  • Rahul Advani – Ripple APAC Policy Lead

Details of the IBW 23 Conference

The general conference will begin on the 4th of December with a pre-conference VIP Dinner. It will continue on the 5th of December with a “Women in Tech” Conference, where participants will learn about the career opportunities for women in blockchain.

On that same day, there will also be a “Text to Code” session that will enlighten interested people on cryptocurrency software development. This session will also highlight how they can leverage AI for development.

The IBW 23 Conference will begin properly with the IBW Demo Day and Hackathon. Several speakers will outline the challenges facing the development of blockchain products and cryptocurrency payment gateway.  Furthermore, these industry leaders will share techniques and other insights on how they can solve these problems and improve their value propositions.

With the bull run in near full force, several people are trooping back into Web3, and this is an excellent opportunity to fully onboard them into the ecosystem. This will only be possible if blockchain start-ups offer real-use cases that solve everyday problems. With this hackathon, everyone in attendance will get ideas on how to develop projects and solutions.

The IBW 2023 conference would end with the Hashed Founders Night event and IBW after-party. Everyone will get the opportunity to unwind and meet each other. This is also an excellent opportunity for attendees to connect with the top minds and grow their network. It is also a great opportunity to ask direct questions and receive more detailed answers.

From the 8th to the 10th of December, there will be an ETHINDIA and Global Cryptolaw Symposium. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about cryptocurrency regulations and how to operate within the legal requirements of various countries. In addition, Web3 Start-ups will learn when, where, and why they need to get crypto lawyers for their organizations.

How to Join Tectum at the Indian Blockchain Week 2023

Tectum will be at the IBW23 conference and represented by Javed Anwar. He will bring samples of SoftNote Bills, so people can see what they actually look like. Ensure to look out for someone wearing a Tectum-branded t-shirt. You cannot afford to miss him.

This is a perfect chance to learn how to pay with Bitcoin without having a blockchain wallet. The process is very simple, and Javed will show everyone how it works. Yes, anyone who is interested can get free copies of SoftNote.

To join Tectum at this event, individuals must purchase a ticket from the India Blockchain Week website. More so, there are different categories of tickets, and individuals can select from a variety of options.

They include:

  • Student Pass with 2-day general access to IBW 23- $20 or INR 1,720
  • General Pass with 2-day general access to IBW 23 – $80 or INR 6,666
  • Premium Pass with 2-day premium access to IBW 23 – $4000 or INR 34,330

Note_ Students must tender an authentic identification from their school before they can purchase the student pass.