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Tectum Announces Mega Partnership With Carbon Browser

Tectum is proud to announce a mega with Carbon – the most secure and popular decentralized browser. This is a significant milestone in our overall plan to enable people to make a Bitcoin payment at zero gas fee.

The agreement involves initiatives to bring together the communities of both blockchain ecosystems. In this article, we are updating users on the events that will take place as a result of this partnership.

Details of the Tectum and Carbon Browser Mega Partnership

To mark this monumental collaboration, Tectum Emission Token will be listed on the Carbon Wallet. Users of this noncustodial wallet will be able to add the cryptocurrency powering the fastest blockchain to their portfolio.

In addition to the Carbon Wallet, $TET will be listed on the Liquid Decentralized Exchange. LDX joins a significant host of cryptocurrency exchanges offering Tectum Emission Tokens to investors. Tectum will also be added to the Carbon dAPP Store.

As part of the community exchange aspect of the agreement, $CSIX will be listed on the Softnote Wallet. In addition, We will be creating a TIA Module for carbon. Once this product goes live, everyone can learn about the decentralized exchange by simply asking a Telegram Bot questions.

Plans to execute these initiatives listed above are already underway. There will be further announcements to update community members on the listings and product launches. Follow @tectumsocial on X to get the latest information.

About Carbon

Carbon is a fast and secure decentralized browser with more than 7 million users globally. It is very secure and contains an adblock that protects people from unwanted digital promotions. In addition to preventing unwanted and annoying ads, the mechanism also ensures that websites cannot mine user data. With these features, users can access the internet with a 100% privacy guarantee.

In addition to the browser, its ecosystem includes a multichain wallet that is three times faster than the average crypto storage platform. Individuals can customize their personal portfolio by adding and removing tokens at their discretion. People can also import their tokens from an external wallet to carbon.

The ecosystem is powered by Carbon’s native cryptocurrency – $CSIX.