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Join Tectum at The Sunset Blockchain Summit

Tectum will join some of the top companies in Web3 at the Aura Skypool for the Sunset Blockchain Summit. This is a very different event and takes a different twist to what most people are familiar with. Instead of the usual hall-like conferences that are often strict, participants will get to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at the infinity pool.

Join Tectum and Other Blockchain Leaders at This Event

Tectum will be represented by Nico Anton at this event that is set to be held on the 22nd of October. He will be sharing details of the growth of this project since the ABC Conclave in Dubai. It was an astonishing event, and several participants shared positive reviews of our blockchain project. Since that event, Tectum has been introducing further innovations to improve our ecosystem.

We also shared updates on our progress in our developers corner series. For example, our developers are working towards improving the user interface of the Softnote Wallet to make it simpler. Aside from simplifying the UI, plans are underway to introduce countless features into the wallet. In no time, even a newbie will be able to manage their assets more efficiently on the Softnote Wallet. Interested individuals can visit that blog post to learn more.

On the other hand, they can ask Nico any question that they have, and he will give them a detailed response. The Sunset Blockchain Summit is also a perfect opportunity for individuals to see SoftNote Bill for themselves and understand how it works.

He will show everyone how they can spend zero gas fees when making a Bitcoin Payment. Participants should connect with Nico, who will be wearing a Tectum-branded shirt. You cannot afford to miss him at the event.

How to Participate in the Sunset Blockchain Summit

To join this blockchain summit, interested individuals can book a space for free and pay at the gate by visiting the Eventbrite website to get a ticket. The event will run from 4:00 to 7:00 PM local time on the 22nd of October at the Aura Infinity Pool. It promises to be an opportunity to network and learn from the best minds, as the guests include blockchain VCs, founders, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and influencers. The event is not just for Web3 enthusiasts, as everyone is invited.