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Tectum Invites Everyone to The Bitcoin Dubai Event on October 28th

Tectum is inviting everyone to join us at Bitcoin Dubai on Saturday, the 28th of October. Although the event is organized by the Crypto Chaos Club, everyone can participate to learn and network. It promises significant benefits that will positively impact everyone who attends.

Bitcoin Dubai Event 28th October 2023

Details of Bitcoin Dubai

Crypto Dubai will take place on the 28th of October at SoMiya Lounge, Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach. The event will begin by 7 PM local time and continue till 9 PM. Admission is free of charge, and everyone who wants to join can book a seat for free at the Crypto Chaos Club Eventbrite’s page.

While entry is free, participants will have to pay for their food and drinks at the lounge. To make the process more efficient and pocket-friendly, Crypto Chaos Club is organizing a package that enables people to fully enjoy themselves at the venue. Individuals can pay 125 AED to get up to 3 different drinks and some canapés.

Instead of the usual webinar or digital event, this will be a physical exercise where people can have face-to-face conversations. The organizers believe that in-person interactions tend to have longer-lasting impacts than virtual sessions. In addition, it will also foster a sense of community between everyone who is present at the event.

Why You Should Join Tectum at This Event?

Tectum will be represented by Nico Anton at Bitcoin Dubai. He will be attending to every question anyone may have to the best of his ability. He will also show everyone how they can use Tectum SoftNote Bills to make a Bitcoin payment. This is an opportunity to learn about the decentralized ecosystem built on the fastest blockchain in the world.

With glimpses of another bull run coming up soon, more people are taking an interest in Bitcoin. However, many of these individuals do not understand what cryptocurrencies are or how they work. These persons are either too eager to invest in blockchain tokens or completely write them off.

Hastily investing in crypto without proper understanding can cause people to lose their funds. On the other hand, anyone who totally writes off Bitcoin may have just missed out on a life-changing opportunity. This conference intends to correct the possible mistakes anyone who fits into either category mentioned above will make.

The Crypto Chaos Club Bitcoin Dubai is an avenue where newbies, enthusiasts, industry, and key opinion leaders will share their ideas about DeFi. Everyone in attendance will learn all there is to know about blockchain tokens. The information they will obtain will help them make the best investment choices in the next bull run.

This event will help people understand the benefits, applications, and possible disadvantages of cryptocurrencies. It will also enable them to identify the possible scams and fraudulent schemes that usually come around in every bull run cycle.