The Cryptocurrency to buy is TET (5 Reasons Why) - Tectum Blockchain The Cryptocurrency to buy is TET (5 Reasons Why) - Tectum Blockchain

The Cryptocurrency to buy is TET (5 Reasons Why)

Tectum token is the best cryptocurrency to buy

5 Reasons You Seriously NEED to Consider Buying TET.

A Really Short Story about Money:

Before we answer your questions about which cryptocurrency to buy, we would like to tell you a short story about money itself. Nations and empires rise through hard work and innovation. They fall from decay and the debasement of their currency. The Roman silver denarius lost about 70% of its silver content from 200 BC to 240 AD. Before the minting policy changed to no silver. Australia has gone the same way in the last 100 years. Originally, Gold and silver were recognized as money by the US Constitution. Today, money is just pot metal and paper currency with no real assets backing their issuance. The Australian Tax Office’s website defines Fiat Currency “as a currency established by government regulation or law, such as Australian dollars.”


Here is the impact that ‘government regulated’ currency has on your wealth…

$100 in 1950  —  $2,729.72 in 2021


The inflation rate in Australia between 1950 and 2021 was 2,629.72%, which translates into a total increase of $2,629.72. This means that 100 dollars in 1950 are equivalent to 2,729.72 dollars in 2021. In other words, the purchasing power of $100 in 1950 costs $2,729.72 in 2021. The average annual inflation rate between these periods was 4.77%.   (Source:

…continuous devaluation of your money

So ask yourself, how much gold and silver is there actually in the coins in my pocket?

The legacy fiat system of central banks is coming to a crashing and painful end, thankfully. Most governments, approximately 105 countries representing over 95% of global GDP (Source:, are looking to a centralized digital currency or at least exploring the idea. This will enable them to keep full control.

Precious Metals and Secure, Good Quality, available Decentralized Cryptocurrency to buy are a great way to protect your wealth during the chaos and to hedge against inflation that’s beyond reason. These examples exhibit the classic strengths that real money once did – fungibility and scarcity.

There are good cryptocurrency to buy and there are rubbish cryptos with no real use case. It is imperative to know the difference if you are seeking protection of your investments against rising inflation and the crumbling of fiat.

Tectum is the fastest blockchain, wallet, soft note, and cryptocurrency to buy

The 5 Reasons TET is the Cryptocurrency to Buy

  1. Protocol: A core element of a blockchain’s functioning is its Consensus Protocol, which governs how all the events are managed, and issues are resolved. It prevents a single entity from controlling a blockchain or distorting the “accuracy” of that which is being recorded. Proof of Utility (PoU) – instead of Proof of Work or Proof of Stake is what makes Tectum advantageously unique!
  1. Speed: Its Proof of Utility protocol optimizes data distribution (like archiving), while the network protocol enables nodes to distribute and validate over 1 Million digital events or Transactions Per Second (TPS), making Tectum the fastest blockchain in the world. Placing this in perspective, BTC processes from 4.6 to 7 TPS, Ethereum processes from 12 to 25 TPS, Ripple 1500 TPS and Solana 29,000 TPS, even Fantom at 300,000 TPS while Tectum sits around 1,000,000 TPS! (Having reached 1.38mil TPS!)
  1. Function: Tectum’s PoU and fast Network Protocol along with the utility of their TET token, is positioned to become the “Overlay Network” for every major crypto coin in the market. Tectum will boost the circulation of all native cryptocurrencies eliminating transaction fees in the process using our ‘transactionless’ (meaning that no transaction actually takes place on the currency’s native network) system. With a mint total of 10,000,000 TET Tokens, ensuring deflation – Meaning upon mass adoption, the wealth within the system increases in value, rather than decreases!
  1. SoftNote: The SoftNote is a great cryptocurrency to buy and the really exciting part about Tectum and how they’re revolutionizing the crypto space. It is a digital product “container” to transfer a store of value like BTC, TRX or USDT, etc. with many more currencies to be added as everything develops (EVM Compatibility too).

The TET token is used to mint SoftNotes, which must be filled with liquidity. The notes alone have no intrinsic value,              however, they carry the cryptocurrency within them once liquidated.

The SoftNote in printed’ form demonstrates traditional ‘physical cash’ properties. It is printed on paper and sent via WhatsApp or any messenger that transfers images. It doesn’t require the internet to conduct a P2P payment and has no sender fees or geographical boundaries. The Merchant can choose to receive in local currency, crypto, or both!


Tectum has created a system that allows the retail market to accept cryptocurrency payments INSTANTLY and FREE, without a transaction fee for the user, all the while being more SECURE than other networks. 


Here’s what a BTC SoftNote looks like in digital or printed form:

BTC Softnote is a great cryptocurrency to buy


Bitcoin was $400 in 2016.

It was under $9 in 2011.


  1. Tectum TET is only $2.50: at a heavily reduced introductory offer to encourage early adoption during the token presale.

          The TET token is still considered cheap by experts and when it hits the exchanges, the global market will determine its value.


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