Two fundamental things make the TET utility token unique.

  1. The Tectum Network it runs on
  2. The utility it gives to mint SoftNotes


  1. The Tectum Network uses a distributed ledger to record transactions confirmed by a Proof-of-Utility HASH algorithm.

This technology exceeds 1 million transactions per second and provides instant event status delivery and ownership updates across the network and distributed levels of access to functional system modules.

Instead of storing the data directly on the blockchain, Tectum stores hashes that are mapped back to the original data stored at a lower level. This isolates the heavy transaction-related data from the main pipeline by hashing, encrypting, and signing the bundles at the end of every transaction and archiving it.

This makes the event-related data instantly verifiable and publicly accessible, with different levels of accessibility to different transaction-related modules where the original data is stored.

Tectum is perfect for lightweight, high-volume applications to effectively notarize and store municipal, legal, logistics, and billing records, for instance.

Tectum also has the Internet of Things applications, such as recording the geo-position of a drone or systems status of a vehicle several times a second.

  1. The TET utility token is built to exchange for Tectum products. The tokens have a hard cap of only 10 million. The TET tokens are currently in pre-sale for US$2.50. The pre-sale will end when TET is exchange listed in 4Q22.

TET is required to mint new SoftNote. TET are exchanged for a pack of 100 SoftNotes for a particular coin—BTC, TRX, USDT.

A Softnote is a smart contract that transports value on the network. Think of it as a digital lockbox that can be filled with something of value—BTC, TRX, USDT, etc.

SoftNotes travel on the Tectum network instantly and for free. They will be used for instant retail purchases too, just like cash or credit cards/bankcards.

Tectum Softnote is a unique crypto coin token
the Tectum Softnote is a unique crypto coin


Each Softnote has a unique serial number that can be verified and tracked on the Tectum Explorer

Softnote is a unique crypto coin token
BTC Softnote is a unique crypto coin token


I can accept it from a previous owner if I have their six-digit PIN and get my own secure PIN code for proof of ownership. I can send it to someone instantly on the Tectum network and they can use my PIN code to gain ownership. They will automatically get their own unique PIN code.

I have a Tectum software wallet where I keep this SoftNote. I can spend the SoftNote on my smartphone wallet when I buy something at a store that accepts SoftNotes. I can also print out a paper image of my SoftNote and give it to a friend, along with my PIN code of course. It’s the same as exchanging it digitally.

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