If you’ve followed the Tectum Project and Tectum Presale, you’ll know that we’ve sold 3.5M TET tokens so far. TET is the “grease for the wheels to move” for our Bitmart listing and for SoftNote creation.

The first 2.5M tokens were offered at $1. This pricing allowed early adopters and visionaries to get in on the ground floor. The subsequent 500k tokens were sold at $2. The next 500k pre-sale price was $2.50, and they are all sleeping snug in Tectum wallets.

The next Tectum presale round will be 500k tokens offered at $3. The price move from $1 to $3 seems like a lot, but looking forward, $3 is still a significant discount for those who missed out on previous sales.

Our internal price metric for listing is $7.60 per token, so that makes $3 per token attractive. Of course, when we are listed and new buyers come to the exchange, the market price could go anywhere.

Remember that we only have 10M TET tokens that can be sold. Compare that to any other cryptocurrency supply and you can guess what the TET market cap might rise to.

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