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What Can I Do With My TET Utility Tokens?

TET and TET Softnotes are both utility tokens about to take the cryptocurrency market by storm. So, what is the utility of the TET token and why should you buy it now? TET is a utility token that allows the holder to buy SoftNote Packs.

CorpGov Law Harvard (2018) defines a utility token as a digital asset sold ‘to be used to purchase a good or service available through the network on which it was created.

SoftNotes are the premier product of Tectum. It is a smart-contract fintech product that is going to revolutionize crypto space and global payments.

TET is also a scarce commodity. There are only 10M created and when potential buyers realize this, the market price will be impacted by this scarcity. Bitcoin appears to have this link of scarcity to price.

Back to SoftNotes; they are offered in packs of 100 notes of various denominations. Each bill is categorised and distinguished by a unique serial number and denomination. When TET is used to mint SoftNotes, the user purchases unfilled SoftNote bills, which must later be filled with liquidity to circulate.

Softnote utility token


SoftNote Facts and Figures to date:

Total minted valid Bills: 3,700 (37 packages of 100 Bills)

Liquidity in current Notes total: 3.0525 BTC (3,700/100 X 0.0825 BTC)

Liquidity of the average Bill: 0.000825 BTC ($41.25). (3.0525 BTC / 3.700)


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