Tectum $TET Token Set to Make Waves with MEXC Exchange Listing

Tectum $TET Token Set to Make Waves with MEXC Exchange Listing

We have some exciting news for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. Tectum’s $TET token, a top performer on Uniswap, is ready for a significant move. The token is set to be listed on the prestigious MEXC Exchange.

This development is a significant milestone for the Tectum project. With this listing, $TET will offer a world of opportunities for traders and investors worldwide.


Voting Result and Listing Arrangement for Kickstarter – Tectum (TET)

The Kickstarter session for Tectum (TET) has ended. Users have committed 45,671,863 MX to support the TET listing on MEXC! airdrop rewards have been sent to users’ accounts.

Listing Information

  • Deposit: Opened
  • Users have committed a total of 45,671,863 MX to support the TET listing on MEXC
  • Airdrop rewards have been distributed to users’ accounts
  • TET/USDT Trading in the Innovation Zone: 2023-07-18 15:00 (UTC)
  • Withdrawal: 2023-07-19 15:00 (UTC)

For more information regarding the Kickstarter event and project introduction of Tectum (TET), please refer to: MEXC Kickstarter – Vote Tectum (TET) to Win Free 50,000 USDT Airdrops!


The Upcoming Listing

MEXC Exchange, known for its robust trading infrastructure, high liquidity, and wide range of trading pairs, will list TET on July 18th at 3 pm UTC. By partnering with MEXC Exchange, $TET aims to enhance trading capabilities and provide a seamless experience for its community members.


The Success of $TET on Uniswap

$TET has gained significant attention in the decentralized exchange (DEX) space, especially for its exceptional performance on Uniswap. With innovative features like the SoftNote solution and strong community support, $TET has shown consistent growth and positive market sentiment.

These factors make it an attractive asset for investors seeking a token with long-term global utility.



Expanding Exposure and Accessibility

The MEXC Exchange listing offers $TET a chance to reach a vast network of traders, institutional investors, and crypto enthusiasts. This increased visibility and accessibility will contribute to the expansion of the $TET ecosystem and foster wider adoption within the broader crypto community.

Investors can look forward to an exciting journey as $TET takes its place among the leading cryptocurrencies on the MEXC Exchange.


Commitment to Smooth Operations

The dedicated team behind $TET is working hard to ensure a seamless listing process on MEXC Exchange. Their commitment to ongoing support and maintaining transparent communication channels with the community shows their dedication.

Their efforts pave the way for a successful transition to the new exchange and a promising future for $TET.


Looking Ahead

The MEXC Exchange listing is a significant milestone for Tectum and its $TET token. This move marks a new chapter in the token’s journey and offers many opportunities for investors and traders worldwide.

As Tectum continues to drive innovation and reshape the blockchain industry, $TET aims to revolutionize crypto payments for private and retail transactions.

Stay updated on the latest news about $TET and its listing on MEXC Exchange. Follow Tectum’s social media channels on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord for further updates. Be part of the exciting moment as $TET enters its next evolution phase.