A New Chapter for Tectum: TET Token Arrives on Uniswap

A New Chapter for Tectum: TET Token Arrives on Uniswap

We’re thrilled to share that Tectum’s TET token is now available on Uniswap! Having seen record-breaking fair launches on Gempad, Kommunitas, BSClaunch, and others, we’re excited to bring TET token trading to the leading decentralized exchange, Uniswap.

TET Token Uniswap

This exciting development aligns with our ongoing mission to enhance the accessibility and liquidity of the TET token.


Trading TET on Uniswap Begins

Starting at 05:00 PM UTC on July 3, 2023, you can trade $TET on Uniswap. This is a big step forward for our investors, enthusiasts, and the entire Tectum community. We’re eager to watch the TET token flourish on Uniswap, a platform that shares our values of decentralization, transparency, and community-driven growth.

To trade TET tokens on Uniswap, use this link: Uniswap TET or go directly through the Uniswap interface. Check the contract address for the TET token here on the Ethereum blockchain.

We believe the Uniswap listing marks a new era for Tectum and the TET token. This opportunity brings endless possibilities, and we look forward to seeing how our token evolves in this new trading environment.


Uniswap and the TET/ETH Trading Pair

Uniswap, now listing the TET token, is a decentralized exchange (DEX) operating on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers a platform for trading cryptocurrencies without a central authority or intermediary.

Uniswap employs smart contracts—self-executing programs with predetermined conditions on the Ethereum blockchain. Instead of traditional order books, Uniswap uses an innovative Automated Market Maker (AMM) model with liquidity pools, enabling seamless trading.

Users can contribute to these pools by depositing an equal value of both tokens in a trading pair, receiving Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens in return. These liquidity pools allow users to swap tokens, with the Constant Product Market Maker (CPMM) model determining asset prices. You can review Uniswap’s open-source software on its GitHub page.

Let’s consider the ETH/TET liquidity pool as an example. If the ETH portion of the pool is ‘x’ and the TET portion is ‘y’, the total liquidity ‘k’ is the product of x and y. When a user purchases 1 ETH with TET tokens, the TET portion increases and the ETH portion decreases, raising the price of ETH. The ETH price becomes k/x, determined by the shift in the balance between x and y caused by the transaction.

This model doesn’t scale linearly—larger orders result in a more significant shift in the balance and higher costs. However, larger liquidity pools reduce this shift, facilitating the fulfillment of large orders.

Uniswap TET trading pair


How to Bridge (Migrate) TET Cross-chain

  1. Log in to the SoftNote wallet. Choose TET (T12) on the Crypto Wallet tab, then hit ‘Migrate’.
  2. Enter the amount of TET (T12) tokens you want to migrate.
  3. Provide your TET (ERC20) wallet address.
  4. Check that your wallet has enough ETH to cover the transaction fee.
  5. Hit ‘Migrate’. If you’ve met all conditions correctly, your specified address will receive the equivalent TET (ERC20) tokens.
  6. Check the transaction on Ethereum Blockchain Explorer.

Check out how to add any token on Metamask.


Getting Started on Uniswap

Trading on Uniswap requires an Ethereum wallet with Ether or ERC-20 tokens. Here’s a simple guide to get started:

  1. Connect Your Wallet: Visit Uniswap and connect it to your Ethereum wallet.
  2. Choose Your Token: Select the token you want to trade—for us, it’s TET.
  3. Specify the Trade Amount: Enter the amount you want to trade. Uniswap will show the estimated amount of the other token you’ll receive.
  4. Execute the Swap: If you’re happy with the estimated amount, click “Swap”. Your wallet will prompt you to verify the transaction.
  5. Confirm the Transaction: Once you confirm the transaction, the Ethereum network executes it. Once processed, the new tokens will appear in your wallet.

Always check your transaction details carefully before confirming. We’re excited for you to start trading TET on Uniswap!​