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Tectum Partners with Tenset

Tectum Announces Partnership with Tenset: A Milestone for Tet Token and SoftNote Launch

Tectum Chooses Tenset as Launchpad Partner

In the upcoming TET Token launch and SoftNote, investors and crypto enthusiasts have shown a keen interest. Last week, Tectum revealed a partnership with a major launchpad platform for 12 months to assist in launching their TET token and SoftNote. The community has eagerly awaited the announcement of this partner. Today, Tectum confirms its partnership with Tenset, a prestigious launchpad platform in the crypto space.

Tectum CEO Russell Sean explains the decision to choose Tenset: “After reviewing numerous partnership proposals, we found Tenset to be the perfect fit due to their community commitment, ethics, emphasis on project utility, and crypto industry expertise.”

Quality-Over-Quantity: Tenset’s Selection Criteria

Tenset adopts a quality-over-quantity approach when selecting projects to partner with. They choose approximately three projects per year based on quality and potential success. Tectum feels honored as one of these selected projects and eagerly anticipates collaborating with Tenset to introduce the Tet token and Softnote to the crypto world.

Benefits of the Partnership

  1. Tenset offers various services to its partnered projects, including tech support, marketing, and access to an active community.
  2. Tenset will recommend buybacks and provide a powerful utility for the TET token.
  3. Users can participate in launches and lock tokens to receive daily drops from numerous crypto projects on the platform, including the TET token.
  4. In return to (3), Tectum will contribute its blockchain ecosystem and cybersecurity expertise to Tenset.
  5. Tectum will introduce the SoftNote product’s potential, bringing significant scaling and privacy advantages to any cryptocurrency within the Tenset community.
  6. Tenset community members can enter the Tectum ecosystem through the infinity airdrop or by participating in Tectum launchpad public sales.

Tenset’s Impressive Partnerships

Tenset has previously partnered with notable crypto projects such as Fame MMA, MetaHero, Everdome, and Satoshi Island. These partnerships have achieved incredible success since their launch, with ATHs ranging from 800% to 30,000%.

Tectum is confident that it will become Tenset’s most successful project. The Tet token and SoftNote, designed for real-world utility, have a strong foundation for success, thanks to Tenset’s expertise and support.

Conclusion: A Fruitful Collaboration

Tectum is delighted to announce its partnership with Tenset. Tenset’s dedication to quality and community aligns with Tectum’s values, and Tectum is eager to collaborate with Tenset to introduce the Tet token and SoftNote to the crypto world. With Tenset’s support, Tectum has the potential to rank among the most successful projects in the crypto space.