TET Token Launch: Tectum Announces New Launch Dates and Partnerships

Tectum Announces New Launch Dates and Partnerships

Introducing Tectum’s TET Token Launch

Exciting Partnership with Tenset

Tectum has been diligently preparing for the TET token launch, and we’re thrilled to reveal our upcoming schedule. Our community has been eager for updates, and we’re delighted to announce a 12-month incubation partnership with Tenset. We trust that Tenset’s experience in the crypto industry and dedication to community building will greatly benefit our project.

Maximizing Exposure with Launchpad Calendar

To maximize exposure, Tectum is using a launchpad calendar featuring multiple prominent launchpads. Additionally, we’re offering our community a final opportunity to buy tokens at private sale prices during the Kickstart public sale. Don’t miss this chance! Hundreds have already joined the whitelist for this, and you can too on the Tectum website.

Gratitude for Community Support

We appreciate our community’s patience and trust throughout this journey. Although it’s been a long wait, we promise it’ll be worthwhile. The launch date is fast approaching, and we’re eager to introduce TET and SoftNote to the world.

Excitement for DAO Maker Voting Event

We’re especially enthusiastic about the DAO Maker voting event on May 15th. If successful, we’ll gain substantial exposure and follow other DAO Maker projects that achieved success post-listing.

TET Token Launch Schedule

  • Marketing Partnership Cryptic Web3: May 8th
  • DAO Maker Voting: May 15th
  • Kickstart Public Sale: May 22nd – June 5th
  • BSC Launch: TBA
  • KDG: TBA
  • Launchpad (Name TBC) 3: TBA
  • Launchpad (Name TBC) 4: TBA
  • Final Launchpad (Name TBC): TBA
  • DEX Listing: July 3rd

Looking Forward

We’re excited about the future of Tectum and TET. Let’s continue building a robust community together!