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Tectum Blockchain Clocks 1.3 Million Transactions Per Second in Guinness World Record Attempt Phase 1

Tectum Blockchain reached the speed of 1.3 million transactions per second in the Guinness World Record attempt phase 1. While this is not the final outcome, it remains a significant achievement in the process of cementing our blockchain as the fastest in the world. For those who were not aware, the first stage of this event took place on the 5th of February.

Tectum Blockchain Guinness World Record Event

While there was significant attendance to this trial phase, we acknowledge that not everyone may have understood what was going on. Furthermore, there may also be those who missed out on the exercise. Therefore, the team is giving a report detailing the incidents and outcomes of that event.

Report of the Tectum Blockchain Guinness World Record Phase 1

As mentioned in a announcement earlier in January, Tectum wants to certify its place as the fastest blockchain in the world. The best way to officially do this is to register our blockchain in the Guinness World Records and make our status official. It will no longer be the case of simply throwing words around.

After successfully concluding the initial stage, the team is excited to present a comprehensive report on the outcomes. Tectum recognizes that not everyone could participate in the live event and acknowledges varying levels of technical understanding among individuals. Therefore, we deem it crucial to offer a simplified overview of the transpired events on the 5th of February.

The Tectum Blockchain Guinness World Record attempt phase 1 commenced with our team executing transactions on the blockchain. We initiated the process with 500,000 transactions, all of which were efficiently processed in less than one second. Following this initial success, our testers systematically increased the transaction volume in subsequent trials.

Let me provide a detailed breakdown of the results obtained from various tests:

  • 500,000 transactions: Completed in 0.75 seconds
  • 1,500,000 transactions: Completed in 1.65 seconds
  • 3,000,000 transactions: Completed in 3.07 seconds
  • 6,000,000 transactions: Completed in 4.62 seconds

By analyzing these figures, it is evident that the Tectum blockchain demonstrated an impressive capability, processing 1,298,701 transactions within a single second. For a clearer understanding of how we got this figure, simply divide 6,000,000 by 4.62 to obtain the average transaction speed achieved by our team. Details of these transactions are available on the Tectum block explorer.

When is The Next Phase of This Event?

Tectum will be transitioning into the second and final phase after the successful completion of the Tectum Blockchain Guinness World Record attempt phase 1. The next and final stage will take place on the 25th of February and seal our decentralized network as the most efficient of all available options.

While giving this report, we want to inform members that the team is diligently preparing for the upcoming stage. We will convert the necessary details in a separate announcement. More so, this approach ensures that users of our community can follow the proceedings. Adding every piece of information in one place may end up confusing people.

Tectum is asking community members for their support and engagement during this crucial period. The moral backing is essential on our journey to establish the Tectum Blockchain as a trailblazer in the world of blockchain technology.