Tectum Announces Quant Med Incubation into Tectum Labs - Tectum Blockchain

Tectum Announces Quant Med Incubation into Tectum Labs

Tectum is proud to announce the incubation of Quant Med into Tectum Labs. This is the second project to be incorporated into the Tectum blockchain. The team will be working on helping this medical ecosystem scale growth by providing it with technical support and mentorship.

As mentioned in Tectum 101, Tectum Labs is an essential part of our ecosystem. The Tectum blockchain has significant potential and can serve as a data infrastructure. This makes it perfect for any web2 or web3 company that wants to build a new system or improve on their existing ones.

Details of the Tectum Incubation of Quant Med into Tectum Labs

Following the incubation, Tectum will be providing technical support to Quant Med. This medical ecosystem will have access to the most innovative technologies necessary for improving its ecosystem.

In addition, Quantum Medicals will also receive guidance from the Tectum team. Our company has some of the most experienced professionals who have decades of experience within the tech sector. Their background is not limited to decentralized technology, as they have also worked in the traditional sector.

Therefore, the newly-incubated project will be getting maximum mentorship and guidance. In addition, the guidance will entail more than simply building products. Tectum will also help Quant Med scale growth by helping it develop the proper business model that will enable it to succeed.

Quantum Medical – All You Need to Know About This Project

Quant Med is a medical ecosystem that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to improve health services. The company has four different labs, with each serving vital functions.

The labs include the following:

  • Lepton: enabling users to upload their health history to a blockchain with different access levels. This information fosters pharmaceutical research while protecting people’s privacy. Thanks to the decentralized nature of storage, the company maintains community accountability and immutable and accurate records.
  • Proton: this part of the system offers researchers access to medical profiles they can purchase and analyze for their investigation. Proton offers deep insights into data and saves time or the cost of having to manually process information.
  • Fermion Labs: It builds neutron and Atom – two AI models that help with diagnosis. These models give pharmaceutical companies and researchers Quark Reflection, which is a digital representation of the patient. Practitioners can use this replica for medical testing.
  • Boson: this lab utilizes the neutron and Atom model to automate decision-making. It ensures accurate diagnosis and can help with the development of clinical home care robotic applications.

The Quantum Medical ecosystem is powered by the $QMD token. This cryptocurrency has a maximum supply of 200,000,000 units, with 75% set aside for liquidity and exchange usage. 15% will be to reward those who complete the early submission of their medical records, while the team is keeping 10%.

As the native crypto of this system, $QMD will serve the following purposes:

  • Purchasing medical data stored on the blockchain.
  • Receiving rewards for sharing data and contributing to the ecosystem via other means.
  • Paying for subscriptions to different services, products, or applications.
  • Investment opportunity and access to the Quant Med ecosystem.
  • Facilitation of DAO votes and participation.