The Future of Crypto (A Brief Overview) - Tectum Blockchain The Future of Crypto (A Brief Overview) - Tectum Blockchain

The Future of Crypto (A Brief Overview)

If you have been paying attention, you will not need to be told that the world of cryptocurrency is in chaos. From advertising at the Super Bowl, hiring celebrities as ambassadors, and featuring heavily in the news, to crypto companies laying off staff and coins losing as much as half of their value,(Bitcoin, otherwise the most stable coin of all lost 70% of its value. The same as Ether and Dogecoin). There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is now like a house on fire.


Is there any future for cryptocurrency?

The question is what has caused this sudden drop. The answer is, it is the same thing that has caused the drop for every other asset class. Inflation, due to factors such as the Russia-Ukraine war, has impacted the price of gas, which has in turn led to the prices of consumer goods rising. It has not been helped by the Federal Reserve raising rates to reduce inflation.

In this article, we will discuss some of the issues around the future of cryptocurrency, especially for traders and investors.


Will crypto Rise Again In 2022?

The issues that cryptocurrency is currently facing have not gone away. The Russian- Ukraine war is still on, the effects of the global pandemic of 2020 have also still not gone away, Federal Reserve is still raising rates and inflation is still high. As a result of this confidence in the market is still very low. It is believed that the fall in crypto value was caused by retail investors who didn’t know what they were getting into and who panicked when they saw the results. As a result of that panic, both crypto companies and traders alike are not making any major moves for now, so it is highly unlikely that the crypto winter will turn to spring this year.


Is crypto a good future investment?

Even though the bearish trends that have pushed the cryptocurrency down to the lowest point in its history are still very much around, and the lack of investor confidence means analysts still can predict when cryptocurrency will start rising again, there is still reason to believe that crypto is a good investment.

As it is governments are already trying to impose some form of regulation on cryptos.  Thus as the crypto space becomes more regulated and less volatile, amateur investors looking to make money from sharp rises in coin prices will reduce, this in turn reduces the volatility of the crypto and makes it more trustworthy.

Don’t forget, investing in crypto is a personal decision, and thus you must do your research, and also examine the amount of risk you are prepared to take. Crypto is no different from other asset classes and can therefore be a good investment for you if you are prepared to deal with volatility instead of just being there for a quick buck


Which crypto has the best future?

For the investor, it is still better for you to buy stable coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Since they are backed by the US Dollar, they are most likely to rise in the future. Other cryptos like Cardona, Polkadot, and Chainlink are also good cryptos that you can buy.

If you are looking to buy an altcoin instead of bitcoin, then you may look in the direction of the tectum (TET) it is a fast-rising coin with an attractive blockchain for transactions. It is also useful for other purposes beyond cryptocurrencies

$TET and Tectum Softnote are new cryptocurrency coins you can check out

Is cryptocurrency the future of money?

Ever since Bitcoin became popular, people have speculated that it will surely become the future of money. El-Salvador has already accepted it as a legal tender currency and several other countries are already putting frameworks in place to make it legal. However, it is still banned in several countries like China and several countries in Africa.

Furthermore the volatility in the value of cryptocurrencies, due to inflation and the stock market, is making government regulatory agencies think twice about making it legal tender as it will not likely be legal soon, especially in the US.

It is believed that as much as crypto has prided itself on being decentralized and not subject to control, it must cede some of that control to the legal and financial system, allowing regulators and government entities on a global to work out systems that will increase trust in cryptocurrencies to instill confidence in people that it is safe to spend.

It is also believed that as more companies and organizations start to accept bitcoin in their transactions, other governments, even ones where it has been declared illegal will accept it as currency

What is the future of crypto NFTs?

The future of NFTS is the same as cryptocurrencies.  NFT blockchain owners need to subject themselves to the same regulations that crypto users subject themselves to. Part of the reason for the volatility in the market is the lack of clarity about what is going on. Once the market is regulated, and the amateur and unscrupulous actors are removed it will restore investor confidence in the market



Though there is still a long way to go, and the pain that crypto investors and traders have experienced will likely continue for a while yet, with the increasing acceptance of crypto in organizations around the world, investors can expect a steady rise of crypto, if not to its pre-winter levels to a level which the investment in it will be worthwhile. Once confidence in the market rises crypto will rise too.

That said with the current volatility of the market, There is still no reason why you can’t invest in it. Just ensure that you are prepared to be in it for the long haul rather than for a short time. Also, you should invest in crypto because you have done your research and you can see which coin fits your profile rather than because of fear of missing out.