Tectum Tokenomics: Building a Solid Foundation for Success -

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Tectum Tokenomics: Building a Solid Foundation for Success

Introduction: We are excited to share the details of Tectum’s tokenomics, which have been carefully designed to ensure a successful launch of our project. These tokenomics represent a culmination of meticulous planning and considerations to create a robust framework that supports the growth and sustainability of the Tectum ecosystem. In this article, we will delve into the general points of our tokenomics and explain some important aspects that may not have been previously advertised but are crucial for the project’s success.

A Journey to Perfection: Developing a well-structured tokenomics model is no easy feat. It requires extensive research, thorough analysis, and careful adjustments to strike the right balance. We have taken the necessary time to fine-tune our tokenomics, ensuring that they align with our vision and provide a strong foundation for our project. Our goal has always been to create a fair and transparent system that benefits all participants and fosters the growth of the Tectum ecosystem.

Flexibility for Success: While we have strived to adhere to the initially communicated lockup periods and vesting schedules, it is important to note that certain elements may have been adjusted. Our terms and conditions have always stated that lockups and vesting schedules may change if necessary to optimize the success of the project. These adjustments are made with careful consideration and the best interests of our community and the project in mind.

Private Sale and Full Functionality: In terms of the private sale, it is important to clarify that the tokens acquired during this phase are not subject to lockup. However, they are still fully functional on the Tectum blockchain. This means that holders can use them for various purposes, including minting SoftNotes, paying merchant fees, and sending them between Tectum wallets. The conversion schedule for these tokens to ERC20 or BEP20 will be applied on a 10% per month basis, ensuring a gradual and controlled process.

Exclusive Benefits for TET Holders: As we move forward, we are excited to announce that TET token holders will have exclusive access to numerous products even before the official launch. This strategic approach aims to reward our dedicated community members and encourage long-term holding, fostering a strong bond between Tectum and its supporters.

Conclusion: Tectum’s tokenomics have been meticulously developed to provide a solid foundation for the success of our project. We have taken the time to refine and adjust various elements to create a fair and transparent system that aligns with our vision. While certain aspects may have been added from the initial announcements, these adjustments were made with careful consideration and in accordance with our terms and conditions. We appreciate the support and understanding of our community as we work towards building a thriving ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive benefits for TET holders as we continue our journey together.

Visit our Tokenomics page https://tectum.io/tectum-token-tokenomics/